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Turnkey VoIP Trends for 2016? WebRTC, Conferencing, Mobility

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Turnkey VoIPThe current focus on turnkey VoIP services will continue throughout this new year. The costs associated with updating a communication platform from landline to VoIP lowered substantially a few years ago, which is when thousands of small and medium-sized business owners began to sign up for high-tech VoIP services. Even though earlier reports predicted that all (well, the high majority) of SMBs would be utilizing turnkey VoIP technology by the year 2016, we're finding that almost 4 out of 5 SMBs have indeed made this essential communication upgrade.

The SMBs that are still utilizing a limiting landline won't be able to access any of the current VoIP or upcoming new VoIP features that can help them succeed in today's competitive marketplace.

Turnkey VoIP Trends for 2016

This year we'll continue to see more VoIP adoption amongst businesses that are still using a limiting landline. By the end of the year it's predicted that nearly 90% of all landline using businesses will now be using VoIP technology for communication purposes, which is good news!

The following are a few turnkey VoIP trends that we can look forward to this year -2016.

  • The Cloud. Because the Cloud offers any business the opportunity to store data in a way that's easy to access no matter where one happens to be at any given moment, we'll see more SMBs utilizing Cloud Services. The current move to a global marketplace means that more and more businesses are going to rely on using the Cloud. The instant access the Cloud allows makes this communication storage method one that's extremely user friendly.
  • WebRTC. WebRTC will continue to grow this year. Real Time Communications allows users to connect with others instantly, which is significantly changing the way we do business these days. Even though WebRTC is currently utilized by a small percentage of SMBS, we can tell you that it's the leading businesses that have so far signed up for this popular telecommunications feature.
  • Mobile Workforce. The mobile workforce is predicted to expand as more and more employees use their mobile devices so that they can work when not in the office. This communication trend is one that is predicted to continue to grow over the next 5 years as employees become more and more dependent on using their mobile devices for work related purposes.
  • Video/Audio Conferencing. Instead of traveling from one place to another, businesses are beginning to invest in a video and/or audio conferencing solution. Saving money is one of the top reasons for utilizing conferencing services, as well as convenience. This year we can look forward to many advances been made when it comes to quality video and audio conferencing options, including this year's trend - room based video conferences.

Bottom Line

Turnkey VoIP services will continue to grow in their popularity throughout the year 2016.

If you're someone who's interested in reselling the turnkey VoIP services that landline using businesses need for success, please contact us today for more information. We've created a Private Label Reseller Program that includes everything you're going to need to know when it comes to becoming a professional reseller. If you do decide to sign up with us so you can start reselling VoIP services professionally, know that we're partners for life! so you will always have someone to go to if you need assistance.

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