About White Label Communications

White Label Communications was founded by people with decades of experience in the Telecommunications industry. More specifically our careers have been focused on both voice and data from both the reseller and wholesaler (service provider) business models. Our collective background offers a unique foundation for our mission:

To be the leader of VoIP solutions to the reseller market by providing unparalleled quality in our service, training, and support.

We provide Private Label Dial Tone to our partners through a global hosted PBX and SIP Trunk solution that enables the Next Generation of Service Providers (NGSP) to expand their product base. The NGSP market has been created from the maturity and standardization of VoIP. The natural front runners of the NGSP market are the Interconnects and Managed Service Providers who already have relationships and the trust of the end users. The implications and opportunities for Interconnects, Managed Service Providers, and Agents who migrate to an NGSP business model are:

  • Recurring high margin revenue
  • Increased cash flow
  • Predictability in their revenue stream
  • Enterprise value creation
  • Liquidity event opportunity


Too often than not, whether it is the software, hardware, or service industry, the “Reseller” or “Channel” initiatives are often lacking in focus, resources and are the revenue source of last resort. At White Label we focus on nothing else. Our first, second, and third priority is the Reseller. Our team has spent their career on both sides of the industry; Reseller and Service Provider. Utilizing that knowledge we have crafted an offering that anticipates the requirements to succeed as a reseller.

We believe that providing a quality service offering is just the beginning. For us and our partners to be successful we have to provide our partners all the tools necessary and support required for them to assimilate a new service offering into their business. We also understand that to achieve this goal we cannot view the providing of tools and support as a onetime event but rather an ongoing evolution that keeps our partners ahead of their competition.