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Outage? Active, Active, Active

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White Label has built a truly redundant, active-active-active platform across five (5) data centers; three (3) geo-redundant SIP/VoIP data centers in Philadelphia (East), Las Vegas (West), and Grand Rapids (Central), and two (2) application data centers hosted by cloud service providers Rackspace and Amazon. 

Yesterday the reliability our Partners have come to expect was tested when our data center in Grand Rapids, operated by Switch (, notified us they experienced an “anomaly” resulting in the loss of power.  

Over the past ten years we’ve never seen this occur at any of our data centers so it presented quite a test for our technology/infrastructure. Fortunately, years of testing and planning for this type of event resulted in our Partners experiencing ZERO downtime – no lost servers, no dropped calls, no call setup and tear down failures, no stuck BLFs, etc, etc., etc. 

It’s not often we share these types of events with our Partners because you would probably become annoyed with all of our “horn tooting” and if we are being honest you pay us to ensure events like those described don’t impact your customers. In this instance we wanted to take a moment to provide our Partners a glimpse into the fact that not even a technology failure rarely experienced prevented us from providing the service and reliability you and your customers have come to expect. 

On that note, we encourage our Partners to continue to tout the reliability of the services you provide to your customers as well as prospects. We’ve even added a generic end user proposal template to White Label University which includes a summary of our infrastructure including diagrams. If you’d like to know more about the proposal template or have any questions about yesterday’s events, please feel free to reach out to your Partner Advocate and/or our Support Organization.

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