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Enterprises Can Easily Become a UCaaS Provider To Their Own Organization

There is a void in the UCaaS market for enterprises with between 250 & 3,000 employees.

Enterprises this size are IT savvy and have requirements SMBs do not, however the market is providing UCaaS as a one-size-fits-all model. White Label's Enterprise Platform as a Service (EPaaS) enables enterprises to leverage their IT organization to become their own UCaaS provider, address their organization's unique requirements and reduce their costs.

Our deployment methodology meets the enterprise’s needs and wants by enabling them to leverage their capabilities to provide Implementations, Moves, Adds, Changes, Deletes (IMACD) as well as Level 1 support, and reduce their monthly expenditures. 

Please contact us so we can share additional insights into our EPaaS business model.

A Quick Summary of the Benefits to an Enterprise Include:

•  Ability to control and proactively address the needs of the organization

•  Easily transition from Prem-based PBXs to a UCaaS solution

•  Maintain existing carrier relationship(s) if required - Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) 

•  Staff augmentation

•  Predictable costs and predictable support

•  Technology refresh cycles

•  Cost savings

Enterprise Platform as a Service (EPaaS)

It couldn’t be easier for an enterprise to become their own UCaaS/Voice service provider. The conflation of call control and carrier services, along with White Label’s ability to provide the enterprise a layer of access and control others cannot, makes it easy for enterprises to leverage their IT resources and have greater control of their UCaaS services and costs.
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Here's what our partners are saying about White Label Communications
  • Matt B.
    My company has gone through many changes over the years and I can say without a doubt that adding White Label was one of the best decisions that we’ve made. White Label was the perfect fit. I have already recommended this company to my colleagues without hesitation.
    Doug C.
    We've had the opportunity to work with WLC over the last year after several years with another provider and couldn't be more pleased. Their software is intuitive, easy to learn, and the documentation through WLC University is outstanding.
  • Frances T.
    WLC is one of the few Hosted Platforms that use true GEO redundancy which is mission critical. Amazingly fast support response - usually 5-10 minutes or less. 
    Harry G.
    White Label Communications has been stellar in helping us learn and use their VoIP platform. The system is all-inclusive and very well thought out. More importantly though is their support and training, the professionals at White Label have been very thorough and patient as we wade through the nuances of learning a new system.
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