Enjoy profit margins up to 60%

Solution Options to Fit Any Requirements

Your service provided to you on a Private Label basis by White Label Communications enables you to provide Dial Tone to your existing customers regardless of their requirements, technology preference, or where they are in the life cycle of their service.

Not only does our service enable you to convert your business to a high margin recurring revenue business but it enables you to provide Dial Tone to new customers, active customers, inactive customers and/or new prospects.

You now have a service that lends itself to


Voice over IP (VoIP) has emerged as the new leader in cost-effective standards based communications. The WLC platform branded as yours is not only a hosted PBX solution, but it also works with legacy communication environments still utilizing traditional protocols such as Analog and TDM. Our SIP Trunk capability enables customers with any PBX environment to take full advantage of the unique features and applications made available by virtue of VoIP and SIP technologies.