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Private Label Cloud-Based Fax Solutions

A fully branded comprehensive fax solution that your clients will love.
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Offer More to Your Customers

Email and faxing for business to business correspondence requires a secure and reliable solution. Being competitive means getting time-sensitive, mission-critical information into the hands of customers, suppliers, partners and employees quickly and easily. Integration is an essential requirement in virtually every IT strategy.
A cloud based fax solution is the perfect compliment to other UCaaS offerings and helps to open up new opportunities and growth for your business.

Provide a true white label fax solution to your clients and other small to medium sized businesses when you partner with White Label Communications.

VoIP Fax Solutions for Every Configuration

HTTPS Fax Connections

Finally, a reliable way to connect fax machines to VoIP. The new Fax ATA uses secure HTTPS to reliably send faxes in real-time over any data connection (Internet, Cellular, and Satellite) while adding new VoIP features to the fax machine like automatic fax archiving and email notifications.

Why HTTPS Fax Connections are Better

Delivering faxes over typical SIP trunks or open Internet connections using SIP T.38 is unreliable, unsecure and bandwidth intensive. SIP trunks are a good mechanism for business to connect premise PBX phone systems to VoIP providers, but they do not provide premise-based fax servers with reliability and security when used over the open Internet. HTTPS Fax Connections are better because they are extremely simple to set up, easily navigate through firewalls and NAT’s, have no T.38 dependency and work over any internet or data connection. Once your fax server is setup, you can connect to HTTPS Fax Trunks and in five minutes be sending faxes.

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