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Superior Technical Support
24x7, 100% US Based Support Team
Immediate Access to Level 2 Support

Superior customer support

We only provide our service through Resellers and as such our success is only as great as the success we can bring to our Partners. That makes our priorities pretty clear.

In addition to our White Label University, we have a dedicated support organization that is 100% U.S. based. We realize that our service is only as good as the support we are able to provide our Partners. That support begins with hands on training to integrate our service into your business and extends through ongoing support to ensure that you can provision and mange the service to your customer. Every member of our support staff is Level 2 or above; when you reach out to us you are getting a person who can help you immediately, not going into an endless call queue hoping for the right person. 

Support, quite simply, is the most important thing we have to do and we treat it that away.

Support Resources Include:


  • Brandable marketing materials, (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher docs)
  • How to build a hosted PBX and/or SIP Trunk proposal
  • Deal Tool Pricing Calculator
  • Sales process workflow


  • Brandable agreements and terms of service
  • Sell, manage, and deliver step by step
  • Provisioning and porting
  • Building you new account
  • Deployment processes
  • Configure email automation to your customers

Accounting & Billing

  • Invoice automation
  • Credit card processing
  • Running accounting reports
  • Interface with accounting software
  • Creating Items and general ledger codes
  • Tax automation

Service Management

  • Building a Hosted PBX
  • Building a SIP Trunk
  • Configure redundancy
  • Deploying your LAN
  • Site Survey Checklist

Best Practices

  • Eliminating quality problems from your voice network
  • Converting a proposal to an order, to a customer, to a recurring invoice
  • Billing Automation
  • Recommend Hardware
  • Service Automation

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