Case Studies

Agent to Carrier...

This interconnect partner focuses on providing dial tone and support to their customers who have or are purchasing premise based PBX systems. Previous to their White Label partnership they were providing a SIP solution through a third party receiving 18% commissions. They would order the service and wait for the partner to provision the service. Now as a partner of White Label they have become their own service provider and are providing their own private label dial tone. They own the customer, they provision and manage the service and most importantly they now enjoy the upwards to 60% margins that was previously going to a third party provider who did nothing to win the customers trust. Not only do they no longer introduce their competition (3rd party service providers) into accounts but they also have the added benefit of providing a dial tone solution that is superior to that competition. Because White Label SIP capability is provided through the full hosted platform a whole host of features are come with the service that you do not typically see in traditional dial tone; disaster recovery, remote worker support, dynamic bandwidth allocation, conference bridging, etc.

Hardware to Hosted...

This Interconnect was exclusively focused on providing hosted PBX solutions with the Avaya product line to the small to medium size business market. Several years ago management saw the shifting of the market with the maturity of VOIP solutions and made the decision to transform from a hardware provider to a service provider. With the White Label offering this interconnect is able to design and implement phone systems by providing the phones and network equipment with PBX functionality in their private labeled cloud. Since their conversion they have gone from zero recurring revenue to $100K a month at upwards of 60% margins.

Broadsoft to Asterisk...

This phone systems integrator had converted to a Hosted PBX service provider several years ago. When they entered the market their service offering was being provided by Broadsoft. They had tremendous success in building their customer base but were dissatisfied with major components of their service provider offering. Looking to leverage what they had already been built they elected to go with White Labels open source platform. Below are some of the reasons they cited for electing to switch from Broadsoft to White Label:

  • Ease of seeing allocated DIDs in use, total number of end points, etc.
  • Virtual users at no cost
  • Feature fixed costs, no need to sell based on Basic, Premium, Enhanced, no need to keep track of seat quantity in given categories.
  • Eliminates the need for customer audits, add ons are instantly billed and pro-rated.
  • Quoting tool/ quote can be accepted as is and billing started for what was sold with a specified start date.
  • Automated billing to customers.
  • Tech Support; ability to easily find groups, users and associated call flow- no need to navigate multiple pages to get the answers
  • Can now compete with deals that have large number of endpoints.
  • Many applications yield customers savings of 50% vs. original telco provider.
  • Risk of fraud/hacks is minimum.
  • Can easily convert up to 12 large groups per week from Broadsoft to Open Source.
  • Converted customers embrace the change, enjoy the user friendly web interface, they love the selectable criteria within the live call detail reporting
  • No need for customers to constantly reset voice mail passwords.
  • Shared line appearances, side cars much easier to deploy than Broadsoft.
  • White Label live support portal gives live updates/comments on Teir one and above support items.
  • Additionally; quick reference guides are available for immediate download. Portal tutorial videos are there for relearning admin portal navigation points that could have been forgotten.
  • Can create reseller logins for agents to properly quote customers.
  • System can calculate VoIP gross profit at any point in the month.
  • Billing cycles are automated and over time would spread out the cash flow throughout the month.
  • System allows admin to see all current quotes and status. Like having a CRM tool within.
  • No need to allocate licenses to a group and assign to each user.
  • Current Broadsoft auto-attendant greetings can be easily transferred into Open Source.
  • Economy of scale enhances the bottom line. Growing more extensions over the years creates even greater margins per user.

Managed Service Provider adds Voice...

A managed IT service provider selected White Label Communication to provide both Hosted PBX and SIP Trunk solutions to their base of IT customers. As the voice and data worlds converge it was a no brainer to begin offering voice services to their data customers who already know and trust their advice. They were looking for a solution that gave them the same kind of management control they were accustomed to in their other managed services. White Labels platform gave them everything they needed to sell, provision and manage the service. Now they can provide comprehensive service offerings that meet their clients data, voice, and video needs.