Enjoy profit margins up to 60%


WLC Private Label Reseller Program makes you the Reseller your own phone company. VOIP has leveled the playing field. Now companies like you can offer a more feature rich cost effective solution than the Tier 1 providers. Everything to the outside world whether it be to your customers or partners is branded as you. WLC brings all of the infrastructure you need to sell, provision, and manage the service branded totally as your company. This allows you to spend all your time leveraging the brand and relationships you have created to build your business.

Gone are the days of you doing all the heavy lifting pursuing and winning contracts only to have to hand off the most lucrative piece to a carrier who gets all the high margin recurring revenue dial tone. The convergence of the voice market can either be the catalyst that transforms your business and takes it to the next level or the single most threatening factor to your business’s longevity. Why wait another day to enjoy the upwards of 60% margins on recurring revenue that our Resellers enjoy.

Solution Options to Fit any Requirements

Capture the lucrative recurring revenue that dial tone provides (upwards of 70% margin)

Full Hosted PBX with Dial Tone

Public or Private IP

Through your own Private Label offering you can utilize the White Label Communications infrastructure to provide a full hosted PBX solution with an unparalleled Feature Set. (Clickable) Our solution allows for BYOD Bring Your Own Device, which means it can work with any SIP device. For the more prevalent brands such as Aastra, Ploycom, Cisco, SNOM, etc. we provide automated configuration capability.

Premise SIP System with Dial Tone

Public or Private IP

For new systems or existing systems that your customers or prospects have that accept native SIP you can provision your dial tone solution to them in minutes. Your branded WLC portal enables you to remotely provision and manage the service.

Legacy System (no native SIP) Dial Tone

Public or Private IP

One of the revolutionary aspects of the WLC platform is that enables you to sell your Private Label dial tone to any business regardless of where they are in the life cycle of their technology. With the use of any number of IAD’s you can easily convert your SIP connection to Analog or PRI and provide your Dial Tone to any PBX.