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6 Examples of How UCaaS Complements Your Service Stack

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Today's business world is increasingly remote yet interconnected, and communication is more important than ever. That's why more and more businesses are turning to UCaaS to streamline their communications and stay ahead of the game.

UCaaS is a collection of communication tools that are delivered to businesses through the cloud. For MSPs, it's a match made in heaven - a low-maintenance service with margins as high as 70%, and UCaaS generates up to $7,500 in ARR for an average-sized SMB client.

Adding UCaaS to your service stack is an ideal way to create new revenue streams, expand your product offerings, and build your reputation as a forward-thinking problems solver. After all, on average, 52% of MSP revenue growth comes from additional services delivered to existing clients.

So, are you evaluating a private label UCaaS partner currently, or plan to in the future? Download our informative white paper at the following link to unlock the 6 examples of how UCaaS complements your service stack, and adds ARR and profitability to your business!

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Understand the UCaaS Landscape to Make an Informed Decision

This valuable white paper will help you organize your thoughts regarding critical details like infrastructure and advanced features, as well as the basics of provider selection.

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