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Jake Lashon
January 8, 2024

The support team at White Label continues to impress me with both their knowledge and expedition of tickets and issues. We have been a reseller for over a year now and whenever I have a question, I know that not only will someone answer the phone, but they will also have an answer for me. These guys know what they are doing and in my opinion are a shining example of what tech support should look like. The reseller panel you are given is so intuitive from the perspective of someone in the tech field. You can tell that their focus was to make something intuitive and functional. It may lack some of the glitz and glamour of other reseller panels but it's the easiest to use by far. And we have been through several!

Amy Srednicki
November 11, 2022

WLC and everyone associated with them are the absolute bestest. You are never abandoned even after someone's particular role in your training is over, they check in--or are always there to support you. It has been so long since a company employed people who not only like their colleagues, but also like their clientele. And to top it off--there is no blame or bad juju put out in the world while you're having a conversation--very positive people--I only wish I'd met them sooner, but all things have their time. Now special mention goes out to the LNP and support engineering teams. They totally rock it. Right on the money and there are times when I call up in a self-induced'd think THEY were from California, HA! I expunge everything at one time in a comletely incomprehensive manner, I'm sure, but no sooner have I said my final gruembler than one of these cool cats says, (and after REALLY listening to you) "oh, just push the wizmo to the left and you're good to go." Genius. They haven't yelled at me yet for the really long emails I send--sorry guys, but I'm sure I can't stop! Great group of people, excellent and elegant programming, NOT chunky patchwork like they who will not be named, but wait till I actually know what I'm doing. I'm gonna be scary. Seriously, you ALL really tie the whole shebang together like a surprise giftbox.

Jeffery Burel
September 21, 2022

The support team has been very responsive and helpful whenever we contact them. The service is solid and the process to onboard customers along with the options and customizations are top notch. My customers are very happy! Look no further for the right partner.

Jay Smith
August 25, 2022

We have been very happy with our partnership with WLC over the last 5 years.

Shawn Massey
June 8, 2022

WLC has been great on it's onboarding and overall support. Drew is the best!

Laura Alexander
May 24, 2022

White Label customer service, technical support, and partner advocate can't be beat! WLC keeps us informed so we can inform our customers. They offer speedy yet professional top notch technical support for all our questions, keeping us up to date with the services we provide. We also have a great partner advocate that can walk us through anything from set up to billing. We are happy to be partnered with such a great company and appreciate the effort that goes into keeping us all connected. Thanks White Label Team!

Daniel Tone
May 3, 2022

Wonderful staff and experienced engineers. Had several issues during the last few days and these guys went out of their way to help bring it to resolution. In fact, in several instances, it was well after hours that their staff kept going back and forth with us until the problem was resolved. Furthermore, they actually helped point us in the right direction every time! True professionals!!

Century Technologies
March 25, 2022

White label’s IT infrastructure is awesome, never been down in 6 years, their support team are very knowledgeable quick to respond and very easy to talk to, I highly recommend this company, my rep Milton is always helping me with any needs on my account going above and beyond. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Paul Bartczak
March 22, 2022

Great Company with exceptional customer support.

Patrick CarsonTelecom
February 9, 2022

I set up an account with White Label several months ago, so I am fairly new to them. Milton Hall my point of contact has actually gone ABOVE and BEYOND with helping me get set up and trained. You have no idea what a fresh breath of air this guy really is until you don't understand something. He by himself spent SEVERAL hours on the phone with me personally after hours to make sure I was understanding everything. If I forgot to say it Thank You Milton you are APPRECIATED BUDDY! I honestly could not be more GREATFUL for Milton, Matt, and George for ALL of the support and understanding and patience that these gentlemen have shown me. This Company as a WHOLE is plain and simply AMAZING! Thank You All from our Family to Yours. You're the best out there hands down. Thank You Again Guys!

Tony Sen
December 6, 2021

White Label is quick to act with customer and tech support. Great company.

Blue Communications
December 3, 2021

WLC has been a life saver to us. As service providers it is critical that our customers see us as the best provider of VOIP service. WLC has given us the ability to show our customers what it's like to receive A+ service. We don't just like WLC, we LOVE THEM. . We love the fact that the network is Geo-Redundant, customer service is A+, and they make us feel as though we are a part of their team. We give these guys an A+ rating in every department.

Michael Domenico
October 17, 2021

White Label Communications (WLC) is a breath of fresh air in virtually every aspect of what they provide and what I require in a partner. Our company is 110% about our customers and WLC has consistently allowed us to uphold our standards by being the partner who never fails to deliver. I ask questions or have a unique request and I consistently get the answers I need and often more (out of the box creativity) on solutions. Matt, Devin, Milton, Brian, Mark, Kevin, and the gang as well as the back office admin and support aspects have been great. Excellent Infrastructure, Quality Culture, and Good Service is not a thing of the past at White Label Communications. Keep up the great job!

Kim O'Neil
October 13, 2021

My company (Gateway Telnet) has been working with White Label since 2002. We resell their product to compliment our telecom products. I could not have wished to work with a better company. The support they provide is everything and more than one could expect. My companies mantra is ""We are good and caring people, dedicated to servicing our clients’ needs and surpassing their expectations, while loving what we do." You obviously must have the same one. Thank you White Label, I am so happy to be able to write this recommendation.

Lois Cook
October 4, 2021

White Label offers the best customer service of any VoIP company we have worked with in the past 15 years. Their recent handling of the Bandwidth debacle (DDOS attack that took down so much VoIP in the US it didn't seem possible) was stellar. They were by far the most effective and efficient at dealing with the crisis. We have worked with that other VoIP wholesale company in PA that I believe is MUCH larger, and were never as happy with them as we have been with White Label. During this Bandwidth crisis we were also dealing with another carrier based in AZ who did ok, but no where near as responsive, and we were dealing with a national carrier that is known to the public. I STILL don't know if they have done ANYTHING! I almost hate to leave such a glowing review for White Label because I don't want them to grow so fast that our service declines. I know they have grown since we joined them 10+ years ago and it hasn't happened yet so, I'm taking the chance. I expected service to decline once their top engineer left almost a year ago and it just hasn't. So, whatever they are doing, they are getting it right.