What is Atlas SaaS ?

Atlas SaaS delivers an enterprise level feature set of unmatched quality and reliability that allows your business to tower above your competition. With Atlas you will enjoy unlimited control with limitless scalability and configuration options right at your fingertips. Our experience and research show that most private label reseller services involve a complexity that takes months to learn and makes deployment difficult. We’ve also found that most of our competitors are running on a framework that was never meant to operate as a carrier level service.

We set out on a mission to develop one of the fastest, most reliable platforms on the planet. The most important qualities of Atlas include ease of use, rapid deployment, and advanced failover at the device level. Furthermore, its full-featured CRM delivers everything you need for your clients from proposal creation and delivery to billing with Merchant Service Integration.

Private Label Branding

We understand the ability to brand your business is paramount. That’s why every aspect of our platform allows you to implement your branding in just seconds.

Geo-Redundant Active/Active Data Centers

What this means for you is that you can sleep soundly. With our advanced active/active platform, all of our data centers serve in both production and redundant backup capacities. This design ensures an unmatched reliability and eclipses the antiquated production-to-failover environments used by many of our competitors. Simply put, once a system is configured properly your uptime will be unparalleled in the marketplace

Call Recording

Offer your clients the ability to efficiently record all calls from a centralized location with no need for set-up, administration or management at remote sites.  Collaborate across the enterprise with our advanced call recording sharing and permission system, and rest assured that only the appropriate people have access.

Tax Integration

Many VOIP resellers’ customers depend on their carriers to collect the proper taxes, as they are not fully aware of what taxes they should be collecting. Most of our competitors leave this responsibility in your hands. At White Label, we offer hassle-free tax integration that is automatically updated and tax compliant in all 50 States.

Billing System

With our fully automated billing system, billing your clients has never been easier. Set up, monitor and manage billing in just a few steps. Choose each account’s billing cycle, and customers receive automatic email notifications when their invoices are ready. We also offer online payment capability and automatic credit card payment.

Instant Number Ordering

Get all your DIDs instantly with no hassles , no hold ups, and no wait.

Infinite Scalability

Atlas was designed as a true carrier level service. This empowers you to acquire any client, from SMB to Enterprise. Atlas was built to carry the world on his shoulders. Take the challenge, grow your business, and discover the benefit of unlimited scalability.

Hosted PBX

Atlas Cloud Hosted PBX is a full hosted solution with a continuously updated, state-of-the-art feature set. Your customers will enjoy having a provider that delivers cutting-edge upgrades in the ever changing world of UCaaS. You will enjoy the ability to stay ahead of the curve and offer new features to distinguish yourself in the marketplace.

SIP Trunking

Whether your client has native SIP or legacy PBX, whether the end user has an analog or PRI ine, Atlas Cloud PBX covers your needs. Our PBX connector SIP trunking comes with a feature set beyond the offering of any standard carrier. Unlike most of your competitors, you will be able to offer advanced failover at the device level, even when using a premise-based PBX.


Atlas SaaS saves you time and effort in the field through our rapid deployment platform. We provide auto-provisioning templates for all major brands of SIP phones, and enable you to further customize them to meet your specific requirements.

Porting (LNP) Manager

Moving numbers in and out has never been easier.  Let us do the heavy lifting.  You upload the necessary data into Atlas and we manage the process from there.

Sales Quoting Tool

Our clients have grown to love the ability to seamlessly quote their customers for services and equipment. You will enjoy full control with ease of use, speed of creation, and rapid delivery. Atlas SaaS saves you hours of back office time so you can focus on what’s most important to you–growing your business.

Credit Card Integration

Allow your clients to set up auto-recurring payments, delivered right to your bank account.

White Label University

The University is our online educational resource center. Categorized by work roles and designed to train each unique individual in your company, this is your fast track to success. WLU serves two purposes. First, it is a complete course curriculum for anyone just learning Atlas. Second, it’s a real time support tool embedded in our platform and always at your fingertips to help you manage your customers. WLU, in conjunction with our unparalleled support staff, creates a support platform never seen before in the industry.

API Integration

Coming Soon…

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