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Digitizing the human voice is the best thing that ever happened to communications. As an emerging industry, the voice market has revolutionized people to people as well as business to business communications. With the growing statistics in VoIP use, Interconnects, Managed Service Providers, Enterprises and Agents are the next generation service providers (NGSPs) of Private Label VoIP solutions.

Private Label VoIP

A New Perspective for Interconnects

In the past, VoIP service providers were limited to partnering with traditional providers like interexchange carriers (IXCs) and competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs). In this arrangement, the Interconnect looked for the customer and would realize a one time profit margin ranging between 20% and 40%. This was a one-sided affair for the dial tone provider who received the stream of recurring revenues of up to 70% without worrying about their customer base.

At White Label Communications, Interconnects are given a level playing field in the voice market, providing unparalleled opportunities, including that coveted 70% margin instead of giving them away to the big carriers. While retaining total ownership of their customers, Interconnects also enjoy the chance to promote their own brands, generate equity value for their business with recurring revenue and increase their own company sales. Most importantly, they create the ultimate customer experience by providing feature-rich and cost-effective VoIP solutions.

A Great Domain for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

The WLC reselling package allows MSPs total control of their businesses to best serve the requirements of their customers. As if truly owning and managing a private infrastructure, MSPs are given the leeway to set their own prices as they see fit, bundle the VoIP solution into their own managed services or resell the VoIP offering as a standalone service. Moreover, customers are given open choices for a premise-based system or full hosted service.

Enterprises as Their Own Agents and Customers

Most small and medium-sized enterprises find themselves in a difficult situation where they are too small to acquire their own infrastructure to get their share of any significant economies of scale that Tier 1 providers enjoy. WLC provides enterprises the opportunity to be their own agents as well as customers.

As private label VoIP service providers, enterprises can acquire their own big customer at once – their own enterprise. This means that enterprises can be their own agent and customer at the same time. This is a great opportunity for enterprises to earn significant cost savings through wholesale rates while totally in control of their infrastructure, hosted or premise-based. With a free hand in managing their networks, they can expand or contract their business or distribute cost to income generating centers to generate savings. Leveraging on a stream of recurring revenues while enjoying a feature packed service is a double-edged advantage that enterprises cannot ignore.

What the Future Holds for the VoIP Industry

With the rapidly expanding VoIP market, the prospects for both VoIP wholesalers and resellers are perceived to be bright. While the figures differ, one thing remains – that billions of dollars are being generated by the VoIP industry worldwide. For instance, technology experts say that VoIP services grew by double digits during the last decade and VoIP continues to develop as an offering and a technology. This has spurred healthy competition among providers resulting in improved features, pricing and availability, a welcome development for customers.

The VoIP market success is supported by governments around the world. Globalization has removed the barriers to free flowing communications. VoIP is becoming more and more popular among both home users and businesses in all of the Americas, Europe and Asia. The takeover of VoIP over circuit switches is inevitable, making VoIP the future of communications.

Next generation service providers are crucial players in the VoIP industry. The NGSP market was created from the maturation and standardization of VoIP. WLC’s Private Label Dial Tone in a hosted PBX or SIP trunk environment enables Interconnects, Managed Service Providers, Enterprises and Agents to expand their customer base and product offerings. Among other benefits, NGSPs can increase their enterprise value with continuous cash flow brought about by recurring high margin revenue.

In conclusion, with the increasing demand for VoIP services from both individuals and businesses, Privae Label VoIP is changing the way people communicate and do business. The present Private Label VoIP revolution has just started and we expect to see a great deal more of VoIP surprises in the years ahead.  


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