Fax Technology is Dead, Right? Wrong | Private Label Fax for Service Providers

Private Label FaxI assume everyone has seen the 1999 film Office Space where the three main characters steal the office copier/fax and destroy with a baseball bat. An office, of any size, requires a good deal of equipment to run smoothly. In today’s fast-paced business world, information, documentation and quick responses have gone past being the norm and simply being expected. In decades past clients often waited, patiently or impatiently, for the information they required to move forward in a business environment. That simply was the way it was, but things are different in today’s world. People, both clients and businesses, expect up-to-the-second information and quick transactions. In the early years of the internet fax machines were the most commonly utilized form of quick communication. Today, the internet and e-mail has replaced the fax machine. While fax has fallen out of favor for simple, quick communications, fax is still required for documentation and signature receipts for many businesses. 

Private Label Fax to Email

So, what is a business to do in today’s quick business world? Simply put, for greatest success a business must offer all modes of communication, including faxing options. One great service that utilizes fax, but expands upon it, is White Label Communications Private Label Fax. Through Private Label Fax, businesses are given a leg up on the competition by offering a variety of ways to send and receive fax data. Through White Label’s Private Label Fax businesses can send and receive fax in a variety of fashions. One of the most discussed and popular services offered is fax to e-mail. By using this service a business can quickly fax documentation to a client’s e-mail. Through this service a recipient does not need a fax machine or number to receive the important data. In the past this limitation was one of the biggest problems in the communication of businesses; in order to receive a fax a client would also have to have a fax machine. 

Private Label Fax to ATA over HTTPS

Fax machines, in the past, were also considered large and cumbersome. The bulky devices required dedicated phone lines and took up valuable space in small offices. While the fax machine was an important piece of equipment, it was one that was often griped about and got in the way. Today, fax machines have shrunk significantly in size, and through Private Label Fax a dedicated phone system is not necessary. Actually, Private Label Fax services offer quick, easy connectivity using the reliable and secure Fax over HTTPS protocol.

Through Private Label Fax clients and businesses are offered a quick turnaround, easy of use, but most importantly they are offered a secure manner of sending sensitive data. These fax services utilize a secure server that is encrypted for the utmost in security. By sending the data via such a service the client and business in question can rest assured that their data and information cannot be intercepted or used for nefarious purposes. Security, along with efficiency, have quickly risen to the top of businesses’ priority lists and this fax service offers both with ease and comfort. 

VoIP services have gained in popularity in recent years with the business set. Through VoIP services businesses enjoy perks that include free long distance calling, one simple, easy billing system, and a efficient and cohesive setup that allows for easy integration of additional business software and protocol. The addition of fax services to VoIP over HTTPS truly allows businesses to streamline the entirety of their communications; regardless of whom the communications are intended for. 

Enhancing a businesses ability to communicate lies almost entirely in their ability to reach out to clients and customers. With an ever-connected world that is growing more connected by the day a business that chooses not to offer a variety of communication methods will quickly be left in the dust. If one thinks the days of faxes are over and done with, that simply is not the case and offering fax services are sure to ensure clients and customers remains satisfied throughout their business transaction.


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