Resell PBX – New Telephony is Great for Small Businesses

resell PBX

Lots of small businesses are currently looking into the best ways to integrate a PBX phone system into their company. Not long ago, it was only the bigger businesses that could afford this high-tech telephony, but now that the option to resell PBX is here, more and more small businesses are looking into the best PBX options that are going to work best for their particular company.

Because the initial outlay of money can be high when a business wants to obtain the benefits that a PBX phone system can offer, many small businesses have chosen to simply wait until the costs associated with a PBX phone system come down so they could afford to utilize a PBX system. This is why now is a great time for resellers to resell PBX – because small businesses are now actively seeking the best PBX phone system reseller to give their business to.

PBX = Private Branch Exchange

PBX is a private phone network that allows a company’s employees to call other employee’s directly. No additional phone service lines are necessary, which makes the system private to the company. All phones will share one central external number so they are able to call outside the company when necessary. The ability for a company to use multiple lines also makes for a more efficient phone system, which is why there is so much attention these days being placed on how any business is now able to get access to this high-tech telephony.

Great for Small Businesses

The reason why a PBX system is great for small businesses is because it’s the small business that needs to utilize every tool and resource they can in order to be and stay competitive with the medium and large-sized businesses. Now that the PBX system has been modified so that even small businesses can afford to incorporate it into their company, they are jumping on the high-tech telephony bandwagon so they can also gain access to a system that will only improve upon their current business communications.

One really great benefit that tends to stand out far above the rest includes the ability for an employee to access the PBX phone system from anywhere they happen to be at any given moment (as long as they have a broadband connection). This ability to be constantly connected to what’s going on when out of the office allows employees to be much more productive because they are able to always be connected, which in turn is going to lead to quicker decisions being made, which will in turn lead to higher productivity.

Resell PBX

The ability for resellers to now resell PBX is great news, especially for all those businesses that weren’t able to afford this high-tech phone system in the past. Now small businesses are able to enjoy the many benefits that a PBX phone system can offer them, and without the high price that was once attached. As a reseller, you can add this highly sought after phone service to your current white label line up, which is a great way to add some more value to your reselling business. 

Good to Know

When you become a white label reseller, you are able to take a PBX phone system and make it your very own. If you start out doing some research, you can find out exactly what it is that small businesses are looking for, and then you can go ahead and give it to them. When you as a reseller choose to sell the PBX phone system to a small business, you are providing a long-awaited for service that is only going to help them succeed.



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