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Great Company staying up with the latest technology. one of the few Hosted Platforms that use true GEO Redundancy and if you know anything about a hosted platform you know true redundancy is mission critical. We have never had a bad experience with support if the person who takes your support question which is more times than not responded to in 5 to 10 min or less they get the Tier one super Team involved. I also don’t get some of these reviews sales and Profit margins with a great support team that has made huge strides to support there resellers and provide a high end solution for a good price.

Shawn B January 9, 2018

White Label customer service, technical support, and partner advocate can't be beat! WLC keeps us informed so we can inform our customers. They offer speedy yet professional top notch technical support for all our questions, keeping us up to date with the services we provide. We also have a great partner advocate that can walk us through anything from set up to billing. We are happy to be partnered with such a great company and appreciate the effort that goes into keeping us all connected. Thanks White Label Team!

Laura Alexander May 24, 2022

Great Company with exceptional customer support.

Paul Bartczak March 22, 2022

The WLC support team offers a patient but effective level of service. I call or email at least once a sometimes not knowing what I need or how to get there...And they have never failed! Mark Graci knocked it out of the park in less than 3 mins via email, his advice worked perfectly! KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK GUYS. Truly an awesome service team. If it was up to me I would give all of you guys. "Gold Medals"

inTelegent NMS August 6, 2021

I have nothing but good things to say about WLC. We swapped to them from our previous provider who we had a terrible experience with. Their service and product is solid. As a reseller, our company name is on the line and I can sleep easy at night knowing that our customers VoIP systems are rock solid.

Logan Tavel July 9, 2021

...i might be biased =)

White label Communications has been Steller in helping us learn and use their VoIP platform. The system is all-inclusive and very well thought out. More importantly though is their support and training, the professionals at White Label have been very thorough and patient as we wade through the nuances of learning a new system. They will spend whatever time you need to learn the new system and onboard new clients. I plan to migrate all of my current VoIP clients to this platform.

Harry Gallagher April 20, 2021

Best customer service I've encountered in working over 35 years in the tech industry. Very responsive and knowledgeable. They constantly strive to improve products and add new features. Ignore all the 1-star reviews without comments -- this is a 5 star company!

Lee McKenna August 16, 2021

White Label is quick to act with customer and tech support. Great company.

Tony Sen December 6, 2021
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