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I've dealt with lots of support folks from a variety of companies over the years and I have to say that the White Label support staff Is the best, bar none.

Layer Eight March 15, 2021

The support team has been very responsive and helpful whenever we contact them. The service is solid and the process to onboard customers along with the options and customizations are top notch. My customers are very happy! Look no further for the right partner.

Jeffery Burel September 21, 2022

I'm currently an employee with White Label and I can honestly say this is the best opportunity I've ever had for a career. I love the people I work with and my management is more understanding and pleasant to deal with compared to any other employer I've had. 5 stars isn't enough!

John Whitaker March 12, 2021

Best customer service I've encountered in working over 35 years in the tech industry. Very responsive and knowledgeable. They constantly strive to improve products and add new features. Ignore all the 1-star reviews without comments -- this is a 5 star company!

Lee McKenna August 16, 2021

My company has gone through many changes over the years and I can say without a doubt that adding White Label was one of the best decisions that we’ve made. A lot of time and research was spent looking for a product that we can offer our customers that would not only allow us to maintain a great relationship with them but also be flexible enough for the growth we wanted to achieve. White Label was the perfect fit. I have already recommended this company to my colleagues without hesitation.

Matt Brook April 5, 2021

As a partner with White Label for the past year, I can honestly report that I have enjoyed working with the team. Support and assistance have been excellent. Milton and the support team he works with are always available and willing to go the extra mile to assist in resolution of any issue. I value the partnership our company has with White Label and would recommend them to any MSP or organization that provides hosted voice solutions to their clients.

Bill Parker August 10, 2021

White Label is always helpful when we need support with their systems, the issue is usually resolved quickly and their staff are knowledgeable. We really appreciate working with them.

Ed Onorato September 14, 2020

White Label offers the best customer service of any VoIP company we have worked with in the past 15 years. Their recent handling of the Bandwidth debacle (DDOS attack that took down so much VoIP in the US it didn't seem possible) was stellar. They were by far the most effective and efficient at dealing with the crisis. We have worked with that other VoIP wholesale company in PA that I believe is MUCH larger, and were never as happy with them as we have been with White Label. During this Bandwidth crisis we were also dealing with another carrier based in AZ who did ok, but no where near as responsive, and we were dealing with a national carrier that is known to the public. I STILL don't know if they have done ANYTHING! I almost hate to leave such a glowing review for White Label because I don't want them to grow so fast that our service declines. I know they have grown since we joined them 10+ years ago and it hasn't happened yet so, I'm taking the chance. I expected service to decline once their top engineer left almost a year ago and it just hasn't. So, whatever they are doing, they are getting it right.

Lois Cook October 4, 2021
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