Enjoy profit margins up to 60%

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Convergence of the voice and data world through the development and maturity of VoIP has created an opportunity for a new recurring revenue stream for the Managed Service Provider. In the VoIP world, the phones and transport for voice communications ride over the data world that is the domain of the MSP. MSP’s are perfectly positioned to include this among the services that they manage on a daily basis to their customers. The only gap in knowledge they need to bridge is the functionality/feature set of voice systems.

WLC service enables them to bridge that gap easily through its platform, training, and intuitive UI. The nature of the WLC service offering enables the MSP to truly own and manage a private infrastructure that they control, consistent with other offerings that they provide to their client base. The MSP can set their pricing how they see fit. If they want to package it into other managed services or sell it as a standalone service, the flexibility of the WLC model enables them to position the service to best serve their customer and business model.

Total Ownership, Equity Value and up to 60% Margins

A summary of some of the major benefits of the WLC private label service are as follows:

  • You have total ownership of your customer. We are completely transparent.
  • Capture the recurring revenue with Private Label dial tone whether or not the have a premise based system or want full hosted.
  • Enjoy recurring monthly revenue with Margins of up to 60%.
  • Create Equity Value for your business with recurring revenue.
  • Increase your hardware and service sales opportunities.
  • Provide a more feature rich cost effective solution to your customers.


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P.S. Our resellers enjoy monthly recurring revenue with up to 60% margins.