MSP Adds UCaaS

Case Study

A managed IT service provider selected White Label Communication to provide both Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and SIP Trunks to their customer base. As the voice and data worlds converge it was a no-brainer to begin offering voice services to their IT customers who already consider them a trusted advisor.

They were looking for a private label solution that provided them the same type of management and control they were accustomed to with their existing managed services. White Label’s platform provided them everything they needed to sell, provision, manage and invoice their customers. Now they can provide comprehensive service offerings that meet their client’s data, voice, and video needs. Additionally, providing UCaaS services allows them to add another service they can manage for their existing clients, opening doors to new opportunities and increasing their average revenue per user (ARPU).

Managed Service Providers are accustomed to monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and as a White Label partner, UCaaS adds an additional monthly recurring revenue stream that adds top line revenue and significant profit to their bottom line.

Bottom line – adding UCaaS was a significant win on all fronts for this managed service provider.

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