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Device as a Service (DaaS)

Your "One-Stop-Shop" for SIP Handsets and Devices
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White Label Communications is excited to provide Device as a Service (DaaS), your “one-stop-shop” for SIP Handsets and devices.

White Label Communications provides our Partners a unique capability, Device as a Service (DaaS). By utilizing White Label's DaaS our Partners can now include, or bundle, SIP handsets as a part of their Unified Communications (UC) service offering. Handsets can be pre-provisioned, or not, by our distribution Partners, further streamlining the provisioning process.

Our Partners, and their customers, are not required to sign separate lease agreements, thereby allowing Partners the flexibility to decide how they want to bundle services to their customers.

The Benefits of Partnering with White Label Communications

  • Win more deals by including SIP Handsets and devices as a part of your service/bundles
  • No need to sign separate lease agreement(s)
  • No need to send separate invoices to your customers; one for services, a second for equipment
  • Create a "phone refresh" policy for your customers
  • No requirement to "tie up" your capital
  • Minimize risks associated with client expansions and contractions

Our Technology Partners

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