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Tax as a Service (TaaS)

Your "One-Stop-Shop" For Tax and Regulatory Compliance

Tax As A Service (TaaS), Your “One-Stop-Shop” For Communications Tax Filings

If concerns regarding tax filings and compliance have prevented you from private labeling UCaaS, delay no longer! White Label's Tax as a Service (TaaS) streamlines your communications tax and regulatory compliance requirements and neutralizes on-going expenses.

White Label is partnered with Interserra, a FAStek company, a leader in the telecom tax compliance field. By subscribing to White Label's TaaS, Interserra will handle your required certifications, ongoing compliance reporting and telecom related tax filings to the various state and federal authorities. Additionally, we provide USF Traffic Studies which will accurately reflect your "Safe Harbor" percentage and may reduce your USF contributions as well as those of your customers.
What's Included:
  • State and Local Communications Tax Returns Preparation
  • Filing and Remittance of State and Local Tax Returns, including sales tax
  • Federal and State Regulatory Reporting (FCC and State PUCs)
  • Secretary of State Compliance Reporting
  • Monthly Escrow Account Reconciliation
  • Customer Portal with copies of all filings
  • Designated Communications Regulatory Compliance Expert
  • USF Traffic Studies

If required, additional one-time fees/services offered by Interserra:

  • Secretary of State (SOS) Certificate of Authority Registration
  • Registered Agent Service
  • PUC Registration
  • FCC 214 Registration/if company needs international authority
  • Initial FCC Registrations/CORES and Carrier Registration
  • Tax registrations/permits
  • CALEA Manual Preparation
  • CPNI Compliance
  • FCC Robocall Mitigation Database Registration
  • FCC Form 477 data preparation
  • Exemption certificate management

What's not included: State and Federal income tax filings, property tax filings.

Partnering with
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Taxes and compliance aren't optional. 

We believe you shouldn't have to focus time and resources on these issues. We want to help our Partners ensure the administration is addressed, that's why White Label has launched a Tax as a Service offering to our partners. 

Contact us and find out how we can assist you address all of your tax and compliance needs.

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