Back Office Support: Why it Matters and How We Help


When companies and individuals are evaluating VoIP companies for a partnership, what are the main things they’re evaluating? Quality of service, price, features, and ease of use are some that come quickly to mind. What about back office support?

It’s no secret that companies want an easy and friendly partnership where both parties can win. That is achieved by having a quality platform with a robust feature set that gives said companies tons of potential to sell and retain customer.

What goes into selling and managing your customers on the backend? Quoting, invoicing, tax solutions, and billing automation just to name a few. It may come as a surprise to some, but not many VoIP companies do it, and those that do, don’t do it very well.

Back office support is something we take great pride in offering to our partners. So you may be asking yourself, what back office support does White Label offer?

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We offer our partners a full turn-key solution. We give partners everything they need to sell, manage, and provide this service. As our partner, you’ll have access to a wide range of back office tools to keep all your finances accurate and organized.

You’ll be able to do all your billing through us: Quoting, requoting, invoicing, setting up payment profiles, take payments and make payments how you choose. Our platform will even automate the billing for you once you set your customers up in the platform.

Any previous versions of a quote you do, will always be saved and time stamped into the platform for you. This is great for a prospect or customer who may change their mind during the quoting process, so you can always go back to another quote if you need to.

Our quoting and invoicing tools are directly linked to our tax integration, making that part of the process simple, efficient, and correct every time.

A lot of our partners use our billing platform for everything they do, not just the VoIP side of things. Our expert training staff will help you set up your billing and show you how easy it is to add in your products and services into our platform.

Most VoIP companies don’t put a lot of resources into back office support, but it’s an imperative resource to have in order for partners to be successful in this business. We recognize and embrace this. We want our partners to be successful, and we make sure we equip our partners with all the tools necessary to be successful in this business.

There’s plenty more to this, and it would be a lot easier to show you than tell you about this. Click on the button below to schedule a business discussion with one of our expert sales representatives to learn more!

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