The Turnkey White Label Hosted PBX

White Label Hosted PBXVoIP solutions are powerful tools that enhance unified communications in an organization. Sadly however, small, mid-sized and start-up business owners who want to invest in them can hardly put up one without stretching their dollars. Add to that the complexities in running them 24/7/365. A great option is becoming a reseller of the turnkey White Label hosted PBX.

What’s in it for resellers?

In a sense, reselling White Label hosted PBX is like doing business on a silver platter. Why? Building a network involves heavy investments in infrastructure and specialized manpower which means enormous initial expenses and continuing maintenance costs. Hosted PBX reselling allows reselling partners to reap a host of benefits such as the following:

  • No need to put up expensive hardware and developing software – Interested resellers only need to shell out a minimal investment because the VoIP provider takes care of the hardware and software and their maintenance. It is a hosted platform where resellers can start to do business at once and reap profits almost immediately.
  • No need for expensive IT management – Because the hosted PBX provider looks after the technology aspect, the reseller company can concentrate on its reselling efforts. With less IT work to attend to, it can mobilize its workforce to focus on productivity and sales to boost the company’s ROI.

  • An opportunity to further develop and maintain brand – Reselling partners are given complete control over their services allowing them to maintain their brands. This means that they can use their logos, colors and other existing tools that identify their brand in a seamless way as if reselling is not their business.

  • A chance to own your customers – The White Label hosted PBX provider does not compete with customer ownership. Resellers get to keep their customers without fear of being pulled by the provider.

  • A shot at large profit margins – Since there is no need for big capital investments and expensive maintenance costs, resellers stand to earn large profit margins of as high as more than 50 percent of their initial investment. The only concern of resellers is to develop a productive sales team that can bring in a continuous supply of clients.

  • A prospect at adding value to your business – Being profitable is a great way to impress customers but providing quality communications service gives value to your business. A tested hosted PBX solution is the fulfillment of that function that can help win the trust of end users.

How does White Label Hosted PBX work?

The job of White Label Communications, the White Label hosted PBX provider, does not end when a company signs up as a reseller. There are sales, training and support tools that the service provider has set in place.

Before any selling activity takes place, resellers need to roll out the service to their sales people and their organization in general. To meet their client call requirements, communication tools like Power Point presentations, quoting tools and an enormous DID inventory are on hand to engage customers and facilitate the sales process.

Traditionally, sales and accounting are almost always at odds. To ensure a seamless billing process, WLC provides on demand reporting and automated billing. The WLC reselling program allows resellers the ability to choose the billing speed once quotes are submitted and approved. They can bill, collect and choose the method of payment they want.

What is the future of the VoIP market?

Let’s face it. Just like other technology based markets, the VoIP market is on a significant shift. From the conventional on-premise PBX, which is not a bad tool, hosted PBX platforms are on the rise to accommodate the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. Where premise based PBX networks take enormous money and time to build, hosted PBX solutions can be likened to renting or leasing for a minimal fixed amount.

Another important consideration to address is the customer experience. Customers are unmindful of the type of equipment they use but what matters to them is the kind of service they get. The White Label hosted PBX platform, with over five years of VoIP expertise in its design and development, is certain to make customers get what they are looking for – quality communication.

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