The Role of a Private Label VoIP Resellers

private label voipVoIP is quickly becoming the preferred vehicle for voice call transmissions in small, medium-sized an enterprise organizations. At some point or another, companies will make the decision to upgrade their technology; as their familiarity with IP technology has increased over the years, so has their options. The timing is exceptional for reselling private label VoIP technology: Hosted PBX and/or SIP trunking services.

Private label VoIP resellers can quickly increase their bottom-line revenue and recurring income by offering branded VoIP technology to their clients—gaining a quick entry into an ever-growing market—without the cost, compliance concerns and technical responsibilities of providing the service directly. Before deciding to offer private label services, here are several key points to consider.

No Back-End Hardware or Softswitch Needed

When reselling VoIP services, companies can concentrate on increasing sales and servicing current customers without the time and expense involved with purchasing back-end hardware. White Label Communications provides a powerful solution that adapts seamlessly to the needs of an organization. Installation is quick and there is no worrisome on-premise hardware to configure, test and manage.


There is no Upfront Build Cost to Create a Network

Building a VoIP network requires an upfront investment in infrastructure, engineering and staffing costs that can run upwards of millions of dollars. As an organization grows, the systems will eventually need to be upgraded to accommodate the increased bandwidth and resource demands—costing a company even more money down the line.

As a private label VoIP reseller, there is no large upfront investment required and companies can offer the latest services to their customers without breaking the budget. White Label Communications provides the tools and resources for resellers to be successful and allows them to focus on marketing and attracting customers.

Boost Brand Visibility

White Label Communications empowers companies to start selling quickly, while rebranding our solution as their own. As a reseller, companies have several objectives which are crucial for success:

  • Increasing interest in their products and services
  • Generating new leads
  • Closing sales
  • Coordinating telephone number provisioning and porting
  • Scheduling the installation
  • Managing the customer
  • Maintaining the client/provider relationship

Cutting edge tools, features and high quality service and support allows resellers to offer private label VoIP under their own brand names, and companies are provided with a web-based interface from which services can be administered. Resellers can create customized interfaces to control the user experience—all while retaining your company’s logo and branding.

Increase Profitability

Reselling private label VoIP services is ideal for companies without the time or financial resources to invest in costly infrastructure. As major telephone service providers increase their fees, more organizations are turning to VoIP to lower upfront and long-term costs. Hosted solutions also inject more revenue into company budgets as spending becomes more predictable. Resellers are poised to earn larger amounts of recurring revenue as an influx of businesses convert to IP technology.

Partnering with a trusted VoIP solution ensures the integrity of your brand, while increasing your company’s earnings for each client. In various industries, the playing field is not level—companies without the capital outlay are forced to take a back seat to major providers. White Label Communications has solutions that easily mesh with your current marketing strategies, to provide a solid foundation for remaining competitive—with players both large and small.

The demise of traditional phone systems has clearly begun; the discounted pricing of PBX systems falls short of reversing the growing tend towards VoIP-based systems. Moreover, once prospective customers begin to realize the substantial savings this technology brings, the service will soon sell itself. Private Label VoIP resellers are in an excellent position to reap all of the rewards, without the risk.


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