Building a Scalable Business as a Private Label VoIP Reseller

For those seeking excellent profits, minimal capital outlay and steady revenue in the Telecom sector, the private label Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) market meets all of these measures and more. Private label VoIP is one of the fastest growing industries today. Private label VoIP lets you be your own phone company, giving you access to the steady revenue stream once only available to standard service providers.

A Strong Foundation

White Label Communications offers resellers turnkey solutions that are built on a state-of-the-art-infrastructure, supported by an experienced partner, and scalable to the size and growth of your business.


White Label VoIP solutions can be easily integrated with existing managed service providers (MSPs) and Interconnect Businesses, or spun off as a separate service. Enterprises can implement White Label VoIP solutions as both provider and customer, and benefit from the savings of paying wholesale prices for a retail service, typically as much as 30 percent.

private label voipScalability

Many of White Label’s resellers were already in business, but had plateaued and were no longer able to grow their business. White Label’s partners get the benefit of their playbook, built on the experience of telecommunications professionals with decades of experience in the industry. For example, many resellers underestimate the complexities of telecom billing. When resellers have 20, 30 or 50 end-user customers, they can’t afford the time to manually calculate things like local, long distance and toll-free calling. When the customer base expands to 100, 200, 300+ users, billing can become a nightmare. White Label’s rock-solid billing automation software takes charge of complex telecom billing so resellers can stop worrying about billing and focus on selling.

Expand to Accommodate Different Client Needs

White Label offers a full range of solutions so that you can provide private label VoIP that meets your clients’ needs, or add clients that you have not previously served.

  • Full Hosted PBX with Dial Tone – A full hosted PBX solution that allows for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), which means it can work with any SIP device. Great for clients without a Premise SIP or legacy PBX system, or those who want to outsource their system.
  • Premise SIP System with Dial Tone – Designed for new systems or existing systems that your customers or prospects have that accept native SIP. In this scenario, it is possible to provide your dial tone solution to them in minutes. Your branded White Label portal enables you to remotely provide and manage the service.
  • Legacy System (no native SIP) Dial Tone – The White Label platform lets resellers provide their private label dial tone to any business regardless of where it is in the life cycle of its technology. With the use of any number of Internet Access Devices (IADs), you can easily convert your SIP connection to Analog or PRI and provide your dial tone to any PBX.

Expand and Contract without Paying for Equipment

When you use White Label VoIP solutions, you take advantage of an infrastructure that is constantly being updated, and you do not have to purchase and maintain an expensive proprietary hardware and software infrastructure of your own. You can also grow or downsize your business as needed, without the waste of having unused equipment on your hands.

The VoIP market is expanding quickly because of its benefits in cost savings, reliability, and access to superior features and infrastructure without the added effort and expense. Becoming a VoIP reseller is an opportunity that can’t be missed. Small and medium-sized companies can seize the moment and realize increased and continuing cash flow with White Label’s scalable and robust solutions that rise to the demands the new digital age in business communication.

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