Private Label Hosted PBX Reselling

Talking with partners, clients or suppliers at the other side of the globe. Meeting with staff working in different remote locations through teleconferencing. Or simply renewing friendships or acquiring new ones from across the seas. All these in real time and made possible by private label hosted PBX solutions.

There is no doubt that VoIP has redefined communications. Whether it’s between individuals or between businesses, communications has never been faster and more purposeful. With voice and data converged in a single platform with Internet protocol, VoIP solutions are emerging as the communications tool of choice worldwide. This increasing preference of users opens great possibilities for small and medium sized companies who otherwise don’t have the needed resources to compete in the VoIP industry. Embarking to become a private label hosted PBX company is a viable business choice because there is an increasing demand and a ready market for the service.

How can companies benefit from private label hosted PBX reselling?

Enjoy recurring revenues. As next generation service providers, interconnects, managed service providers, enterprises, agents and other interested service providers are assured of 50 to 70% of recurring revenues month after month. With minimal investment in infrastructure, resellers can also reduce operational costs on equipment repairs and maintenance and specialized IT staff.

Enhance ROI. With no infrastructure to buy and maintain, there’s more for less. Initial investments are minimal because there is no need to build a hugely expensive hardware and software network. An efficient interface with the wholesaler network is all that is needed to get the business running.

Get to have more time for nurturing customer relationships. With less technical aspects to attend to, resellers can focus on looking for customers and building their customer base. Afterall, customers keep a business going. With a feature-rich offering, they can give customers functional and advanced features that fit their needs and enhance the ultimate customer experience.

Private Label Hosted PBXBuild your own brand. As private label hosted PBX service providers, resellers can offer VoIP services bundled with their own products or as standalone deals under their own brand name. They sell the service to end users as if it were their own while serving their customers in their own company culture. This includes deciding the profit margins they want, making special offers for special clients or setting their own rates as they see fit.

Be virtually competitive with the giants. The voice market is highly competitive but reselling programs provide a level playing for small and medium sized companies. While shelling out only a fraction of what the giant providers invest, reselling companies enjoy an edge with the revenue stream they get once they create a customer. They don’t get to experience the worries and headaches the giants face because there are no hardware, software and specialized IT crew to deal with. They have only their customers to take care of.

What does the future hold for the VoIP industry?

Industry studies show that the VoIP market generates billions of dollars with access increasing in double digits to millions of users around the globe. This indicates a great shift from traditional communication systems to VoIP solutions to address the massive traffic of voice and data through the Internet. As such, wholesale providers cannot meet the enormous task of bringing the service to each and every user, hence the necessity for service providers that can reach the grassroots.

The reasons why VoIP has a universal appeal are varied but its main advantages are its cost effectiveness and simplified use. Local and long distance calls are virtually free while video and audio teleconferencing, caller IDs, call forwarding and many more are readily accessible. With the popularity of handy mobile devices, the demand for VoIP services is even more intense. There is no better time than now for companies who wish to become private label hosted PBX service providers to shift their gears and join the VoIP industry because VoIP technology is certainly the future of telecommunications.   

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