Hosted PBX Reseller Markets Seeing Rapid Growth

Like all industries, the VoIP market dealt with economic upheavals over the last few years, but, unlike many, they came out on top. In fact, a 2011 report from market research group Infonetics Research showed that VoIP services reached the 50 billion dollar mile mark in 2010.

More small, medium and large business customers are adapting to the new technology and features offered by hosted PBX resellers in order to cut back on costs. It is not news that businesses are looking for ways to reduce expenses and save time, but the idea that they are turning to outsourcing their communications systems points to a promising future for the telephony trade.

Of the VoIP customers out there, almost half go with a managed service. Why? Because Voice over Internet Protocol operations like hosted PBX provide flexibility, rich features and cost savings. As the technology continues to evolve, those key factors are going to improve and the market will burn even hotter.

Hosted PBX resellerNumbers Don’t Lie

The report coming from Infonetics Research shows an active trend in the phone industry. Infonetics tracked managed services like IP-PBX to get a feel of how these new telephony solutions were performing in the real world. The research company included major service providers like AT&T, Cablevision, Telecom, Time Warner and NetFone in the study. The results were impressive.

Infonetics study shows that more businesses are turning to VoIP solutions like hosted PBX for their phone systems. The revenue in this industry rose a striking 33 percent with a 44 percent increase in seats for 2011. The company looked at both residential and business customers. Residential service maintained the highest percentage, but the survey proved that business relationships were showing the fastest growth. In 2010, SIP trunking had a landmark year with revenue growth of 143 percent.

The Infonetic report went further than hosted PBX and makers of IP-PBX systems; it covered the pros and cons of SIP trunking deployment, and offered a discussion of interconnection and spending plans, as well.

What is a Hosted PBX Reseller

A hosted deployment allows businesses to get the benefits of a PBX system without dealing with the initial cost of the equipment and the time hassle of maintaining it. This is a win-win scenario for small and medium businesses that don’t have the budget or personnel for pricey phone systems. Through hosted PBX, they get all the features that high-line systems offer without the cost or time expenditure. More and more, companies are looking for ways to outsource back office operations, so they can shift focus. One of the avenues that they are perusing is communication services.

A hosted PBX reseller is in charge of his own phone service company. Communication firms like White Label offer resellers the opportunity to provide VoIP service to their customers without the start up sacrifice. Reselling is a turnkey solution for companies wanting to expand into the phone system marketplace without owning the hardware. Hosted PBX resellers work via an online system to provide service to their customers.

The Future for the Hosted PBX Reseller

The news is promising to say the least. The rise in SIP trucking over the last few years shows a trend developing. Analysts predict that seats for hosted VoIP will double between 2012 and 2016. The Infonetics Research study gave way to other attention grabbing predictions.

  • By 2015, the VoIP services market will peak at around 74.5 billion dollars.
  • With that increase on the rise, managed PBX VoIP service will double by 2016.

These two facts show a positive future for hosted PBX resellers.

Small and medium business customers are seeing the benefits of a hosted PBX service. It reduces operating costs and requires less maintenance time for company employees. The two factors together means a company opting to use a reseller service will save. Any time businesses see an option that allows them to settle issues more effectively and at a quicker pace, while still cutting back on budgetary commitments, they are going to take notice. That is the service benefit a hosted PBX reseller provides.

Hosted PBX systems and other formats of VoIP are just getting started in the modern phone market. As the technology grows and the savings become more apparent, the future path for hosted services will take an upward turn. Hosted PBX allows businesses to save money while saving time. That one-two punch is what companies need to deal with other rising costs. Hosted PBX resellers are giving them exactly what they want.


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