Hey Resellers – Turnkey PBX is Here! Inform Your Customers Now

turnkeyPBXEvery small business needs a good communication system. And just because they’re a small business doesn’t by any means imply that they want a small communications system. What every small business wants, and needs, is a great communication system that will at a minimum meet all of their communication needs. Because most small businesses can’t afford or maintain an expensive phone system, they’ve been at a bit of a disadvantage these past years when it comes to competing with the big businesses that can easily afford the costs associated with high-tech telephony.

The good news is now small businesses are able to afford high-tech telephony, too! Turnkey PBX is now available, and is a phone system that any small business can take advantage of due to lowered costs. Because turnkey PBX phone systems are now much more affordable, all types of small businesses are enthusiastically looking for ways they can implement this phone system into their company so they can also receive all of the great benefits that a good communication system can offer a business.

Communication Systems

A good communication system is really important to a business because it allows a company to be much more efficient.  The way a business chooses to communicate, both in the office and out of the office, is going to have a significant impact on their everyday relations.

Turnkey PBX

Turnkey PBX phone systems are finally available for all of those small businesses that weren’t able to afford them previously. This is great news for these smaller businesses because this helps to even the playing field a bit, giving them some of the tools needed to not only reach the level of success they’re striving for, but tools that will help them stay competitive.

What Does Turnkey Mean?

The term turnkey refers to a product or service that has been revised and is now ready for immediate distribution.  A turnkey solution is something that every business should be excited about!

What Does PBX Mean?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange.  This high-tech phone system provides users with a long list of benefits, with one of the most popular features being able to share phone lines within the entire company.

Resellers – Inform Your Customers

As a reseller, it’s important for you to inform your customers of all the advantages that they’re going to receive when they sign up for a turnkey PBX phone system. Although the majority of small businesses are surely going to be interested in upgrading their current phone system, they’re going to be looking to buy from a reseller who knows what they’re talking about. People want to do business with people they can trust, and by showing them as a reseller that you know the ins and outs of everything related to turnkey PBX, then you are much more likely to get their business.

Inform your customers today of some of the many benefits that a turnkey phone system can offer them:

  • Because a business no longer has to maintain any hardware or software themselves, the costs are going to be much more affordable. There’s no upfront cost for a new system and there’s no need to hire and train additional staff.  Simply put, the PBX phone system is going to help make any small business run more efficiently.
  • Now any business can greet their callers with a personalized message.  This is one of the best ways to let people know that the business is indeed a professional one.
  • The option for a business to start small and then expand their phone system if necessary is a great benefit.  This way there never paying more then they need to.



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