Great Benefits of White Label Hosted PBX

White Label Hosted PBXThe world has gone global, digital and mobile. Doing business and communicating from anywhere and anytime are the norm, making the need for unified communications a must. The White Label hosted PBX is an intelligent VoIP solution designed to meet business communication needs even for enterprises with remote locations.

The Key Benefits

With constantly advancing technology, customers are now given a wide array of VoIP choices, spurring competition and more improved products and services. Thus, producers, channel partners and resellers need to tender unique offerings with benefits that fulfill their customers’ requirements. One such offering is the White Label hosted PBX that offers the following benefits: 


Compared to traditional telephone systems, a hosted PBX does not require massive capital expenditures on the part of customers. VoIP service providers take care of the infrastructure maintained at their own remote locations. Customers only need to spend on fixed monthly fees based on the services they require.

Greater Flexibility and Scalability

A hosted PBX system allows customers to easily change, upgrade or expand the services they need as their businesses or organizations grow. These changes can be done without the need for a technician or changes in wiring or PBX hardware. Moreover, employees can work from anywhere, a feature that most traditional PBX systems do not have.

Business Continuity and Reliability

An excellent disaster recovery system and redundancy feature are important characteristics of the White Label hosted PBX that ensure business continuity. Service interruptions are minimized because back-up systems like re-routing of calls to other offices, voice mail boxes or cellular phones are put in place. Additionally, users don’t have to worry of rebuilding infrastructure after floods, fires, earthquakes or other disasters because this is the responsibility of the big service providers.


All data are stored at the service providers’ data centers. Security of data and communications is a concern that customers want their service providers to ensure. Data encryption, password security, virus protection, firewalls, use of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for security of voice data, hardening of operating systems and real time monitoring are some of the ways by which hosting companies secure data and communications.

Simple Communications Management

Maintaining hardware and software is never a hassle for customers because this task is done by the service providers. Customers need only to take care of their desktops and existing phone systems while enjoying the full technical support of their service providers. This makes the job of communications managers simpler and more manageable as employees and other workforce members enjoy the ultimate user experience.

Enhances a Unified Organization

With the White Label hosted PBX, geographic and time zone communication barriers are things of the past. It is especially helpful for constantly mobile personnel as they can work from virtually any place as if they are managing their calls from their main offices. For instance, soft phones, laptops, tablets and other advanced mobile devices come in handy for employees who frequently travel, unifying communications and the organization as well.

Enjoy a Host of Advanced Features

Aside from the big business feel, small and medium sized businesses get to experience key advantages that were once enjoyed only by big businesses in the past. Some of such advantages are:

• Unlimited local and long distance calls
• Remotely controlling moves, adds and changes at no cost
• No hardware to manage
• Limitless software updates at no cost

Provides More Responsive Communications to Customers

Getting in touch with customers is made easier and faster by the White Label hosted PBX. Advanced calling features are likewise made available to customers, providing them with more responsive communications. 
Understanding and knowing the benefits of a hosted PBX are key to choosing a purposeful communications system. Powered by WLC, the White Label hosted PBX is an inexpensive but functional and responsive telecommunications solution for modern businesses, big or small. With just a reliable Internet connection and an existing phone system, companies can satisfy their unique communications needs and stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 


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