Are You Selling Private Label SIP Trunk’s?

Private Label SIP TrunkRobust. Flexible. Scalable. This is how private label SIP trunk solutions work. Yet, not many know that SIP trunking is the future of business communications, be they corporate, medium sized business or small office set ups.

Can your company sell private label SIP trunk services? The opportunities are endless only if you’re able to hurdle the obstacles that are still hindering many traditional telephony users. As Infonetics Research puts it, legacy technology is here to stay for some more time and T1 telephone systems will continue to be used in the next several years.

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

As a young VoIP market, SIP trunk reselling has its own share of growing pains. Resistance still lingers among conservative telecom users, making many resellers hesitant to enter the VoIP reselling landscape. Understanding the obstacles can help resellers turn these obstacles into opportunities. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Obstacle #1– Fear of complex configuration processes
Private label SIP trunk solution – Easy to follow configuration steps

SIP trunk providers support IP phones, soft phones and SIP-based analog telephone adaptors (ATA). They also provide easy to follow online configuration guides with the click of a button, even for the more prevalent brands like Cisco, Ploycom, Aastra, SNOM and many others.

Obstacle #2 – Limited devices to be used
Private label SIP trunk solution – Enables the use of any SIP device

Most SIP compatible devices work well with SIP trunking platforms, allowing for BYOD or Bring Your Own Device systems. This means that IP phones with advanced features like programmable keys, easy station moves and shared line appearances across remote locations can be used, all these to improve efficiency and increase productivity. 

Obstacle #3– Geographic barriers
Private Label SIP trunk solution – Sell SIP trunk services from coast to coast, country to country

SIP trunk reselling has no geographical boundaries because the modern business world is a wide ranging market ready to embrace VoIP. How spread out the services can get will all depend on how company resellers take advantage of the opportunities that come their way from coast to coast. Digitization has made the world smaller, creating instant interconnectivity to and from anywhere, and virtually connecting people at opposite sides of the globe.

Obstacle #4 – Difficulty in managing individual accounts
Private label SIP trunk solution – Real time provisioning and management of accounts

Individual clients have needs unique to their business types or lines. SIP trunk reselling programs are designed to allow resellers to efficiently provision and manage individual accounts, service features and client information in a single online interface in real time. Access to DID inventory across extensive areas, local number portability, customized billing and on demand reporting are some of the tools that resellers can use to manage their individual accounts.

Obstacle #5 – Perceived restrictions in pricing
Private label SIP trunk solution – Flexibility in pricing

SIP trunk providers allow their resellers to have flexibility in setting prices for long distance calls. Resellers can also create variable customized rates based on customer needs and budgets or the places to be called. Resellers are likewise given the chance to charge other fees such as connection fees and minimum call duration fees while increasing profit margins and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Reselling SIP Trunks

Being a budding technology, SIP trunking has opened the market wide for SIP resellers. With no major player dominating the field at the moment, now is the best time for potential resellers to enter the market and begin enjoying the following benefits:

Earn recurring revenue with margins as high as 70%. With no heavy lifting on upfront infrastructure and IT costs, resellers can immediately start their business, look for new clients and have all the time to build relationships while earning recurring revenues with margins of up to 70%.
Sell SIP in your own brand. Private label SIP trunk reselling is a great way to enhance brand and image because resellers can use their own brands or bundle the SIP offering with their existing product line.
Own your own clients. SIP trunk service providers don’t compete with their resellers. As resellers solicit new clients or convince existing ones to try their new SIP product, they are assured of business longevity.

Whether it’s a full hosted PBX or premise-based SIP system, SIP trunking has brought corporate communications to the next level. It has likewise given resellers an opportunity to share in lucrative revenues once enjoyed only by the big telecom carriers.

At White Label Communications, resellers are valuable business partners doing business with WLC in a level playing field. Here, they get to offer top of the breed and cost effective solutions as if they were their own, enhancing their brand and solidifying their position against the competition. 

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