Looking to Resell PBX Service? Your Top 5 Questions

resell PBX serviceAre you currently a reseller who is looking for another reselling opportunity to add to your current lineup of products and/or services? Have you ever thought it might be worth your while to resell a PBX phone service to your customers? If you said yes, then now is definitely the time to do so. Adding PBX phone services to your current reseller offerings is a great way to increase your sales. This is mainly due to the fact that both small and medium-sized businesses are actively seeking the right company to do business with so they can get the best PBX phone system available for their particular company.  

Reseller Hosting

Becoming a reseller gives the ability for one company to work with/access a parent company’s resources and then turn around and offer these resources as a part of their own services. Resellers love the ability to take a high-quality and highly sought-after product or service and then add it to their current offerings as it is a great sales booster. If you’re already a seasoned reseller, then you already know that the ability to brand your own company using a parent company’s resources is more and more becoming the norm these days.

White Label – Now you as a reseller can buy a quality PBX service and resell it as your very own. Because PBX phone services are so very popular right now, especially among all the small and mid-sized businesses that couldn’t previously afford this high-tech phone system, it practically sells itself. And when you as a reseller decide to sell our white label PBX phone services, you get to put your own company label on it, which is again going to add value to your company. And you get all of the benefits to be had by choosing to resell PBX services with very little effort since we’re the ones doing the actual hosting.

Staying Profitable

Staying profitable is every business’ goal, so it’s going to be necessary for you to take some time to figure how much your initial investment and ongoing costs are going to be.  Normally some intensive market research would be the next step, but since you already know the demand for PBX phone systems is high right now, all you have to do now is decide which parent company is best going to help your reselling business.  

Resellers who already have an established reseller business are able to easily integrate our white label PBX phone services into their current lineup of offerings. Those who are new to the reseller business may not have as much experience and thus will have some questions about how to best get started offering PBX phone systems. Both established and new resellers simply have to contact us to get started.

Your Top 5 Questions

It’s critical for you as a reseller to have all the information necessary about a particular reseller hosting supplier so you can choose the best one that can fit your particular wants and needs. The following are the top 5 questions resellers tend to ask when looking for a parent company to do business with so they can add their own white label PBX phone services to their current offerings. All you have to do to get the answers is contact us today!

1. What kind of support do you provide?

2. What kind of security systems do you have in place?

3. How much of a profit can I expect to get?

4. How do I pay?

5. How do I sign up?



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