Want to Resell Hosted PBX? Don’t Let the Initial Costs Scare You

ResellHostedPBXResellers are beginning to understand what a great idea it is to add hosted PBX phone services to their current offerings. Both small and mid-sized businesses have been waiting quite a while now for the costs associated with having a high-tech business communication system to become affordable, and it has finally arrived. Because hosted PBX phone systems are now affordable to any-sized business, they’re practically selling themselves.

What’s important is for you as a reseller to understand everything there is to know about hosted PBX phone service systems before signing up to sell them so you know exactly what you’re in for.

Resell Hosted PBX

Reselling hosted PBX phone services is a great market to get into, especially at this particular time. A new telephony system can do wonders for a business, especially when it comes to efficiency. And one of the best parts is that you as a reseller have a lot of flexibility when it comes to selling your customers the hosted PBX Services they want and/or need. When you become a hosted PBX reseller, you get to take a white label service and make it into your very own. Pretty cool.

Selling products that are high in demand can be a fantastic way to add value to your current offerings because you get to take this product and resell it as your own. This not only lets people see you as an authority figure, using our white label means you get to label the PBX services as your own brand, which is a great way to distinguish yourself as a reseller of high-quality products.

Don’t Let the Initial Costs Scare You

So if you as a reseller are currently considering offering hosted PBX phone services to your customers, then it’s key that you understand the resources you’re going to need as well as any associated costs. This is the part where it’s imperative that you find the right partner to team up with so you can have all the right tools and any guidance necessary to be triumphant in your venture. The right service provider can mean the difference between finding the success you want when selling hosted PBX phone services, and not.

As a reseller, you’re going to want to do a little bit of research before making such an important decision. You’re going to want to find someone that can help you integrate hosted PBX Services into your current offerings as quickly and efficiently as possible, allowing you to deliver the quality and value that the end customers deserve now.

Something else to consider besides the cost of hosted PBX communication products/services and related technologies is whether or not you’re going to need any additional staff. Do you already have a brilliant sales team? You’re going to need one. And when it comes to providing a service vs.  selling a product, understand that instead of your team being paid commissions they’ll now receive a recurring income, which is beneficial in that your customers are able to make smaller payments, which many prefer to do.

Remember, your reselling team represents you and your reselling business so it’s your job to make sure they all receive the proper training when it comes to the selling, delivering, managing and accounting of products and services related to your selling hosted PBX phone system services.

What You Can, and Should Expect

Since most resellers are claiming a positive cash flow in as little as three months, those who make it their goal to understand everything that’s involved when it comes to reselling hosted PBX phone services are sure to have the same experience.


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