Reselling PBX Systems? Read These 3 Customer Service Tips

resellingPBXBecause there’s so much competition in today’s world of business, it’s becoming more and more important for any business to take the initiative and do something to make them stand out far above the others. So what can you do as a reseller to make it so that people come to you when they’re looking for a PBX phone system to buy? One of the best things you can do is offer them the best customer service possible.

Imagine that a business wanted to take advantage of all the many benefits that a new PBX phone system could offer them yet they had no idea where to start looking. Since it’s in every company’s best interest to make smart purchasing decisions they’re more than likely going to do a little bit of research, as well as ask around for word-of-mouth recommendations.

If you as a reseller are able to provide your customers with the best customer service possible, and that pretty much means doing anything and everything in your power to make sure that they’re completely satisfied with the services they’re currently receiving, before you know it your reselling business we’ll be one of the most talked about in the reselling arena.

A Resellers Responsibility

A reseller has a responsibility to provide their customers with the best continuing support services.  And because you want to keep your old customers happy as well acquire new ones so that you can continue to grow and expand your reselling business, it’s important that you do everything you can to attain that trustworthy status that’s so important in the competitive business world.

Reselling PBX Systems

Lot of resellers are looking into reselling PBX phone systems right now. New technology has made it so if that practically any business can now afford to utilize this new telephony system, which is making it quite the hot commodity. Not long ago it was only the big businesses that could afford to pay for and benefit from utilizing PBX phone service technology. But now that the prices have come down those businesses that couldn’t afford it before, now can.

So what does this mean? It means that both small and mid-sized businesses are wanting to find the best PBX phone system for their particular company. It means that these businesses are actively searching for the best reseller to give their business to. Since many resellers are going to offer the same or very similar hard services, it’s a really good idea to set yourself apart from the others by providing the best customer service possible, which is fully in your control.

Why Great Customer Service is so Critical

Recent studies show that nearly 3 out 4 customers who are looking to sign up with a new company state that friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps are the reason they made their decision. Business-minded people are busy these days and that’s why they want all of their business dealings to go as smooth as possible. They want to work with a company who is extremely knowledgeable about what they sell while being able to offer them the customer service they deserve, and expect.

3 Customer Service Tips

The following 3 customer service tips are going to help you when it comes to providing both current and new customers with the high-quality service they should expect from you as a reseller.

1.  Understand everything there is to know about the service you’re providing. Knowledge is power and the more you have the better off are.

2.  Listen to your customer! Every single customer is special and unique so treat them as such. Show them respect and consideration and they’ll continue to do business with you.

3. Make sure each and every one of your staff has been fully trained to deal with customers.  Remember, they’re representing you and your company so give them the tools they need to do the absolute best job possible.

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