Interested in Reselling Hosted VoIP Services? Your Top 3 Questions

reselling Hosted VoIPReselling hosted VoIP phone services is something that is really hot right now in the reselling industry. Technology never takes a break, making it so there’s almost always something new and exciting going on this particular arena. So why are hosted VoIP phone services so hot right now? Because new telephony technology is now available for any business that wants to take advantage of this high-tech business communications system, and not just to those who can afford it.

This is why there’s so much buzz going on in the reseller world when it comes to VoIP phone services. Both small and medium-sized businesses are really excited about these fairly new telephony technologies and are therefore looking into all of the options that are available so they can add this business communication system to their company.

Currently, estimates show that nearly half of all current VoIP customers are using a service provider to manage their communication system.

Outsourcing Communication Systems

The idea of being able to outsource a business’s communication system is something that both small and medium-sized businesses are actively looking into. Because there’s so many aspects to manage when operating a successful business, the ability to outsource a business’s needs, especially at an affordable cost, can be highly beneficial to a business’s bottom line.

Although some businesses may not feel comfortable handing their business communication system over to a third party to manage, the benefits to be had in doing so can be well worth it. Voice over Internet Protocol is now a part of the new telephony trade and provides lots of cost-effective features as well as a ton of flexibility the can only improve the way a business operates.

What Resellers Know

Resellers now know that reselling hosted VoIP telephony services is a win-win situation.  It’s a win for the reseller because selling new and affordable telephony services is something that pretty much sells itself. Infonetics Research can back this up as it shows that both small and medium-sized businesses are currently looking to add a new and better communications system to their company so it can be more efficient.

It wasn’t long ago when only the big businesses could afford this high-tech phone technology, but now that the costs have come down considerably any-sized business can now afford to utilize this new phone technology, which is creating a huge market for reselling VoIP phone service technology.

Start Reselling Hosted VoIP

Reselling hosted VoIP services is not a difficult thing to do. And the fact that resellers have the opportunity to offer VoIP services to their customers without them having to invest a lot into any startup costs is a huge selling point. These new high-tech telephony services are becoming more popular in the business world every single day, making this a trend that isn’t going to go away any time soon.

In fact, the expected number of businesses that will sign up for managed VoIP services will nearly double in the next  2-3 years.

Your Top 3 Questions Answered

The following are your top 3 questions answered.

1. How do I become a VoIP reseller?

~Simply contact us!  We have all the information you need to know about to becoming a VoIP reseller.

2.  Is reselling VoIP phone services a profitable venture?

~Because the demand is so high right now, many resellers are experiencing high profits at this time. Remember, because this is a white label service you’re able to take and resell VoIP services in order to make them your very own, which means you’re in charge of your own financial destiny!

3.  Where do I get the information I need about VoIP services so I can be knowledgeable?

~We will provide you with all the information you need so you can know everything there is to know about VoIP technology.



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