A Shortlist of Turnkey VoIP Programs Top Telephony Features

Turnkey VoIP Programs Forrester Research performed some studies on VoIP communication programs recently, and what we found out is that there  are some definite favorites when it comes to companies choosing some of the new VoIP telephony features now available. Both small and medium-sized companies that have recently started using turnkey VoIP programs are quickly learning that there are quite a few programming choices they can make that can help their business communication system run a lot more efficiently.

No longer is a business limited to using a traditional landline and instead they can now opt to sign up for high-tech VoIP telephony services. The many features that are now available with this whole new business communication system are plentiful, making it so that every business should look into adding turnkey VoIP programs into their business so they can also take advantage.

Turnkey VoIP Programs

The reason there’s so much attention on new VoIP telephony is because these turnkey VoIP programs have been lowering in price making it so that any-sized business can take advantage. This means that any business who wants to can now choose to integrate these high-tech telephony services into their company. This is a really good idea these days due to the abundance of companies in business, which has created quite the competition. Simply put, in order for a business to be able to participate in the highly competitive world of business there’s a need for them to have access to the tools that are going to allow this to happen.        

Turnkey VoIP programs are proving to be fantastic tools for any business that wants to take advantage of the many features in the high-tech telephony phone system can offer them.

Top Telephony Features

The following are some statistics that stem from the above-mentioned research.

Conference Calls. Nearly three out of four businesses were either implementing, upgrading or expanding their choices when it came to hosting three-way conferences. In fact, three-way conferencing is one of the top features enjoyed by businesses using high-tech VoIP telephony. Right behind three-way conferencing is video conferencing, which makes for a more personal conference.

Skills-Based Routing. Almost half of all businesses have either employed Skills-Based Routing or were planning to expand or upgrade soon.

Call Forwarding. The ability to forward ones calls to another phone makes it so that in employee no longer has to worry about missing any important phone calls.

Incorporating a Mobile Device. Two out of five businesses are seeking the best ways to integrate their VoIP program into a mobile device. It’s worth mentioning your that mobile device incorporation gives a business the ability to use their VoIP features on their Smartphones, which has so far been proving to greatly increase productivity for a business.  Research tells as that nearly one in four businesses are stating that between 25% and 50% of their employees our accessing turnkey VoIP services using their Smartphone, with about one in five doing so regularly.

Cutting the Cost

Because making the change from a traditional landline to new high-tech VoIP telephony offers its users so many benefits and features, it would seem to make sense that a new VoIP telephony business communication system would cost more than the traditional landline service. Surprisingly, businesses that have already made the switch to using VoIP telephone services are saving money, which can now be used for other things besides paying long-distance telephone bills.

Good to Know

The actual quality of the VoIP service received is going to depend on the quality of the internet service. This makes it essential that everything is working fine when it comes to the network being used. A certain amount of bandwidth is necessary for a good connection to take place along with a connection that isn’t easily interrupted. There are few tests that can be done to test how good a connection is.

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