Reselling Cloud VoIP Services? 2014 is Going to be a Good Year!

Reselling Cloud VoIP ServicesTop analysts Gartner, Inc. has announced their predictions for the top 10 new technologies and trends that businesses can strategically benefit from using in the year 2014. And what we’re finding out is that this is looking to be really great news for those who are currently reselling cloud VoIP services. Why? Because 4 of the most utilized and most influential forces are beginning to merge together so that they can be used interchangeably -social, mobile, cloud and information.

2014 Predictions

It’s important for every business to keep up with any and all new trends and/or technologies that could help them succeed in the highly competitive world of business that we live in today. It’s also important for every business to focus on finding some form of competitive edge that will make people think of them when wanting or needing their services and/or products. Especially in today’s world where there’s so much access to information.


The following are the top 10 new trends and technologies as predicted by Gartner, Inc.

1.  Mobile Device Diversity and Management. The ability for employees to access anything from anywhere continues to be popular amongst the mobile workforce.

2.  Mobile Apps & Applications. Because mobile app usage will continue to be on the rise it’s recommended that developers work on various ways to expand application so that people are able to connect in a variety of new and different ways.

3.  The Internet of Everything. Because more and more companies are looking for ways to expand the way they’re able to do business in this highly competitive world, they’re beginning to look to the internet for more options, like digitizing their products and services.

4.  Hybrid Cloud and IT as a Service Broker. Hybrid clouds are not only becoming much more popular because they allow a business a lot of versatility, the ability to design them specifically for a particular type of company is more and more becoming an option.

5.  Cloud/Client Architecture. The fact that many more businesses are beginning to look into what they can do in order to support their mobile users means that there’ll be a higher demand for server side computing and storage capacity.

6.  The Era of Personal Cloud. The shift towards providing a higher level of customer service continues as more and more people are choosing to sign up for a personal cloud, which allows them to store and share their content from a secure cloud atmosphere vs. their computer.

7.  Software Defined Anything (SDx). This term refers to the need for continuous improvements when it comes to any and all software utilized for cloud computing.

8.  Web Scale IT. Current cloud service providers are looking into new ways that IT services can be delivered in order to properly accommodate new users so they can receive the speed and quickness current users are experiencing.

9.  Smart Machines. There’s no slowing down when it comes to the advancement of smart machines, with new predictions telling us that there will be a much higher focus on bringing both previous and upcoming information technologies to fruition.

10.  3D Printing. People using 3D printers is expected to grow substantially in this upcoming year, especially now that the cost and quality of 3D printing has greatly improved.

2014 is Going to be a Good Year!

As you can see, 2014 is going to be a great year for VoIP resellers and all the businesses that choose to sign up to receive high-tech cloud services. And because previous predictions are telling us that new high-tech VoIP systems and cloud technology is going to eventually take the place of the old-fashioned landline systems that so many businesses are still utilizing to this very day, we think it’s safe to say that the years 2015, 2016 and 2017 are also going to be a great year for businesses because high-tech VoIP services are only going to get better and better as time moves on.

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