Turnkey VoIP Allows for Mobile Benefits

Turnkey VoIPHere’s an interesting statistic by Juniper Research – by the year 2017 more than 1 billion people will be using mobile VoIP. Wow! The majority of mobile users are still using Skype as their main application, but other applications are starting to be utilized more, i.e. Fring, Line. The fact that using mobile VoIP can offer a business some advantages when compared to their traditional telephone system has both small and medium-sized business owners looking into what they need to do so they can begin to experience these mobile benefits, too.

Turnkey VoIP

When a business owner signs up so they can start receiving turnkey VoIP services, they can expect to receive a lot of benefits and features that can help them run their business much more efficiently. One of these benefits allows for mobile VoIP services, which is proving to be more popular with each and every passing day. Why? Because a mobile VoIP system is not only going to save a business money, it allows for conveniences that weren’t available before. And the fact that today’s business world is extremely competitive makes it necessary for every business owner to seek out and utilize every advantage they can. Simply put, in order for any business to create that competitive edge they need so that they’re able to stand out from the rest of their competition, they’re going to need to make some drastic changes.

Mobile Benefits

One of the mobile benefits a business can expect to receive once they sign up for turnkey VoIP services is the ability to have constant access to all telephone calls. This means employees never have to worry about missing an important telephone call, no matter where they happen to be at any given moment. And the ability to join a fixed telephone number and a mobile telephone number is also available. This means that both telephone numbers will ring at the same time ensuring that a telephone call will never be missed. 

About Mobile VoIP

New statistics are telling us that three out of four (all-sized) businesses are currently using a mobile VoIP telephone. This is quite a jump from five years ago when not quite half of all businesses were using mobile VoIP. Because mobile VoIP usage is proving to be so popular for business use, it’s predicted that telephone companies will begin to eliminate their landline services within the next 4 to 5 years. This means that any business that’s still using a landline for their business communication system will need to start planning their upgrade to a turnkey VoIP communication system soon.


Cisco is a company that offers businesses a number of unified communications solutions so they’re able to better communicate with their employees, customers, suppliers and more. Although it’s not necessary for every business to purchase new equipment in order to reap the many benefits that turnkey VoIP allows, it’s a good idea for every business owner to at least look at any new technologies that are currently available that could help them run their business more efficiently.

White Label Communications

If you’re a business owner who’s interested in signing up for turnkey VoIP services then we invite you to contact us today. Turnkey VoIP doesn’t only allow a number of mobile benefits that can help your business run much more efficiently, a turnkey VoIP communications system is going to open up a whole new world of communication possibilities for your business. We know everything there is to know about signing up for turnkey VoIP services, and as a result we’re able to connect you with the best VoIP reseller who can offer you the best VoIP services for your particular business.

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