Reselling VoIP? Tips for Dealing With Resistant Business Owners

Reselling VoIPIf you’re currently reselling VoIP services then you already know that the high majority of both small and midsized business owners are more than ready when it comes to updating their current business communication system. These business owners have been using a landline based communication system for a long time now, which can be quite limiting in its communicating abilities. But now that VoIP technology is highly affordable these business owners are excited about all of the new communication options that are now available to them. And all they have to do in order to integrate VoIP technology into their business is find the best VoIP reseller to give their business to.

Dealing With Resistant Business Owners

Surprisingly, not every business owner is ready to start utilizing high-tech VoIP services. These select few are comfortable using their current landline based communication system and accordingly are not interested in upgrading at this particular time. Like every good business owner they’re very busy performing their everyday activities, which although is understandable it’s still important for them to recognize the VoIP benefits that could help them take their business to another whole level. 

Many of these resistant business owners think that because their landline based communication system is still working for them that they don’t need to upgrade. Why should they fix something if it isn’t broken? What they’re failing to realize is that VoIP technology will be slowly but surely replacing landline based technology. If they don’t upgrade their business communication system soon to one that can support VoIP technology, they’re simply not going to be able to efficiently communicate with the outside world.


For the most part, reselling VoIP services to business owners is a fairly straightforward process. Most business owners are more than ready to update their landline based communication system to one that can now support VoIP technology. They’re ready to start learning about and accordingly utilize all of the many different VoIP-related features and benefits that are now available to them.

But how do you as someone who’s reselling VoIP services deal with resistant business owners? The best advice is to provide them with the best VoIP-related facts, and to be upfront and forward with them at all times.

  • You can create a simple fact sheet that shows them current VoIP statistics. They may be interested in knowing that the high majority of businesses will have already signed up for VoIP services by the year 2017. If they don’t sign up for VoIP, they’re not going to be able to efficiently communicate with other businesses, as well as their customers.
  • Give them a break down on VoIP-related costs. Find out what some of the best VoIP services are going to be for their particular business and then give them an estimate on how much this will cost them. This way they can compare their current communication costs with their expected VoIP services costs.

Reselling VoIP

Reselling VoIP services can make for quite the lucrative venture. VoIP technology is not only going to replace the landlines that business owners have been using for so many years now, it’s going to offer them a number of extremely beneficial features that can help them grow their business into something they’ve always dreamed of. If you’re someone who’s interested in reselling VoIP services so you can help every business owner update their current landline-based communication system, then be sure to contact us today with any questions you may have. We know everything there is to know about the reselling world and can thus help you be the best VoIP reseller you can possibly be!

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