Today You Need Turnkey VoIP Services. Future Options Include WebRTC

Turnkey VoIP servicesBoth small and medium-sized business owners are excited about their ability to upgrade their current business communication system to one that can now support turnkey VoIP services. For many years, it’s been only the big businesses that could afford to utilize VoIP technology, which some say gave them a huge advantage when it comes to efficient business communications. Now that the costs associated with integrating turnkey VoIP services into a business have lowered significantly, any business owner can choose to sign up for this technology so they can have an advantage, too.

Turnkey VoIP Services

Even though the costs of integrating VoIP technology into a business have lowered quite a bit in the past few years, current reports are telling us that only less than half of small and medium-sized business owners have upgraded their current business communication to one that can now support VoIP technology. This obviously means that more than half of these business owners are still using a landline based communication system. It would seem by now that those who are still using a landline would be eager to upgrade to VoIP technology, and for lots of reasons.

First of all, anytime there’s improvements made in the telecommunications field, every business owner needs to pay very close attention. The ability to communicate efficiently in today’s highly competitive world of business should never be underrated, and any time a new communication technology is available that will allow a business owner to communicate better, they should definitely take advantage.

Next, upgrading to a business communication system that can now support turnkey VoIP services is going to be (for the high majority) much more cost efficient. This means that most small and medium-sized business owners are going to save some money on their communication budget when choosing VoIP over a landline. And it gets even better. Not only will business owners be able to save money, they’re also going to get access to software and services that will allow them to promote their business with much more authority.


Interestingly enough, even though the majority of business owners still haven’t made the decision to sign up for turnkey VoIP services, there’s a new telecommunication option that people are already starting to talk about – WebRTC. WebRTC allows users to communicate in real time communication, and is designed to let users create a multiplatform where they’re able to easily combine text, voice and video – and all without using any additional plug-ins. The capability of being able to perform real time communications with having to use any additional plug-ins is definitely something that should capture the interest of every small and medium-sized business owner.

Even though WebRTC is something that will not be available for many years to come, the concept is one that is quite enticing, making it a good idea for business owners to keep close tabs on any upcoming WebRTC information. What we can tell you for now is that:

  • WebRTC will allow users to have access to click-to-call options, and on their websites, which means that there’s no need to spend money on numerous trunks.
  • WebRTC will allow businesses that have multiple locations to create in-house meetings using a web browser vs. any previously installed collaboration tools.
  • WebRTC is not presently supported by the majority of browsers (only Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox so far), but once this happens there will no longer be a need for plug-ins.

Bottom Line

It’s important to understand that even though WebRTC sounds very appealing, it simply won’t be available for many years to come. Any business owners who are thinking about waiting for WebRTC to become available before upgrading their landline based communication system will be missing out on many years of having access to the best telecommunication options, which can make or break a business in today’s competitive world of business.

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