Those Reselling VoIP Services Must Ask the Right Questions

reselling VoIP servicesAre you someone who’s ever thought about reselling VoIP services? If yes, you’re probably someone who enjoys learning about new communication technologies. And you probably enjoy helping people, too. If this sounds like you and you feel ready to start a new career reselling VoIP services, then know that right now is a great time for you to get started.   Why right now? Because the majority of small and medium-sized business owners are still looking for a VoIP reseller to assist them in this important communication upgrade.

Reselling VoIP Services

Although VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology has been are around and available for almost 20 years now, the costs associated with integrating VoIP into a business were once deemed to be quite high. Thus, it was only the big businesses that could afford to pay for this high-tech business communication service. Both small and medium-sized business owners were using the more affordable landline, which most are still using as of today.

About three years ago these costs began to lower drastically, capturing the attention of the many business owners who were now able to afford to update their landline based communication system. Over these past three years, many of them have been reaching out to those currently reselling VoIP services in order to gather more information. At this particular time, VoIP reports are telling us that almost half of these business owners have made the upgrade from landline to VoIP.

That means that more than half of small and medium-sized business owners are still looking for someone who’s reselling VoIP services to help them with this upgrade.

The Right Questions

Even though many people may be interested in reselling VoIP services, there’s definitely a lot to learn in order for you to become the best VoIP reseller you can possibly be. Only when you take the time to learn about VoIP technology and the many services that this VoIP technology can provide for a business, are you able to become an authority on the topic of VoIP.

Because our professional staff here at White Label Communications understand everything there is to know about the reselling world, we’re able to pass this essential reselling knowledge on to you! Our goal is to help you be a VoIP reseller who can be seen as an authority in this highly specialized niche.

The following are some of the ‘right questions’ you’re going to need to ask when approached by a potential customer. The answers to these questions are going to help you find the absolute best solutions for this particular customer and their business.

Is your current network ready to support a VoIP-based communication system?

~There may be a need for an upgrade.

What are some of the problems you come across when dealing with your customers?

~i.e., dropped calls, transferring calls, missed messages, poor customer service.

How many employees do you have? How many make and receive calls on a daily basis? How many locations do you have? Does everyone require a telephone to be on their desk?

~Helps determine overall needs.

Do you have employees who tend to work out of the office often?

~They can sign up for mobile access.

What is your proposed budget?

~Always important to know what the customers proposed budget is so that you’re able to offer the appropriate VoIP related services.

White Label Communications

There are more questions you’re going to need to ask potential customers in order to fully understand what their VoIP needs are going to be, and we have them all. Be sure to contact us today with any questions you have about reselling VoIP services. The sooner you sign up to be a VoIP reseller, the better! You want to make sure that you get your fair share of the VoIP market, and right now that’s a definite possibility.

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