Still Haven’t Signed Up for Turnkey VoIP Services? Today is the Day!

Turnkey VoIPWe’re noticing that there are still quite a few small and medium sized business owners who are still using a landline vs. the new and improved VoIP technology that’s now available. The high majority of these business owners have been using a landline for many years now, which means that they’ve grown accustomed to using this (quickly becoming outdated) communication connection method.

And although understandable, any business that wants to be and/or stay competitive must both understand and utilize the best communication methods available in today’s highly competitive world of business.

Make Your Business Stand Out

Current VoIP reports are telling us that in the next 2 years, 4 out of 5 SMBs will have made the essential communication upgrade from landline to VoIP technology. This means that there will still be many businesses utilizing a landline based communication platform, which also means that these businesses won’t have access to the new and improved VoIP based communication features that are now completely affordable and thus accessible.

Utilizing advanced communication features can help a business stand out far from the rest of their competition.

Turnkey VoIP vs. Limiting Landline

The following is a short list of differences between turnkey VoIP and landline technology.

VoIP. Those who subscribe to high-tech VoIP services are able to fully customize which of the many VoIP related services currently available they want to use for their business. For example, the ability to create audio copies of voicemails and have them sent directly to one’s email for easy access is now a choice. Also, a VoIP adapter can be purchased for employee phones, which allows them to utilize their own phone for work related purposes.

Another one of the many high-tech VoIP services offered allows any business the ability to place a telephone call directly from their computer. And when it comes to portability, VoIP reigns supreme as all that’s required is a strong internet connection. When employees or staff aren’t in the office, they’re now able to access important work related information from the office when out on the go. Nice!

The costs associated with utilizing turnkey VoIP services tend to be the same every month, making it much easier for those keeping tabs on the communication budget. And even though business owners can expect to receive many more communication benefits utilizing VoIP technology, these costs are highly likely to be less than the costs associated with utilizing landline technology.

Landline. Basically, a landline based communication system doesn’t offer all of the many communication perks a VoIP based communication system does. Landlines also require a dedicated telephone connection, which limits the ability to utilize phone lines in any one particular place. And although a landline connection tends to be a fairly good one, there may be a need to recharge the telephone battery often, and the ability of being out of range is high, which means no connection at all!

The costs associated with utilizing a landline based communication system tend to be more than a VoIP based communication system. In fact, landline bills can be as much as 40% higher than a VoIP based bill, so you can only imagine how much money can be saved over the long run by using high-tech VoIP services rather than a landline.

Today is the Day!

If you’re a business owner who’s still utilizing a limiting landline, now is the time for you to find out exactly how VoIP technology can help you bring your business to a whole new level. And because we know you’re going to need the help of a professional VoIP reseller, we can recommend one for you. Let us help guide you through this important communication upgrade so that you can have access to all of the updated communication benefits that thousands of other business owners currently have access to.

So today is the day! Don’t wait any longer! Contact us now for more information on how VoIP can help your business find the success it deserves.

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