Turnkey VoIP Systems Continue to Grow in Popularity in 2016

Turnkey VoIP SystemsSMBs that have made the essential upgrade from landline to VoIP in the past couple of years are benefiting greatly from utilizing new and improved high-tech VoIP services. The majority have had enough time to understand and accordingly figure out the logistics when it comes to managing an updated communication system. They now know how to pick and choose the VoIP services that will work best for their company, and their bottom lines are proving that what they’re doing so far is indeed working.

Now that we’re entering the year 2016, these companies are now learning that there are even more communication services that VoIP technology supports, as we’re still on the upswing when it comes to learning all there is to know about updated VoIP technology.

VoIP Continues to Grow in 2016 – As Predicated

As VoIP technology continues to grow, so does its importance in the marketplace. With every day that goes by, VoIP improves in its ability to offer any company the flexibility it needs for a truly efficient communication system. The following are 3 VoIP based technological trends that are predicted to come up quite often in this new year, as more SMBs continue to expand their communication options.

1. The Cloud. Hosted VoIP solutions will continue in their popularity. Cloud based systems allow a company access to a variety of beneficial features and functionalities. Faster bandwidth options allow for quicker communication options, which equals higher efficiency. The fact that there are still some security issues when it comes to utilizing cloud services has made many companies think twice about cloud adoption. But with every new technology comes security issues, which are currently, as well as aggressively being addressed.

As most employees in today’s busy world of business no longer tend to focus on doing only 1 thing at a time, but instead tend to work on 2, 3, 4 or even more things at one time, they’re going to hide benefit from utilizing the Cloud. Simply because cloud technology fully supports the ability for an employee to work whenever and from wherever they happen to be at any given moment, allowing them the ability to multitask at their convenience.

2. Call Centers. The Cloud is also proving to be extremely beneficial when it comes to any company employing beneficial call centers. The use of call centers continues to rise as more company owners are realizing just how valuable using a call center can actually be to their bottom line. When comparing a cloud based call center to a traditional call center, reports are showing that a cloud based call center tends to perform 2 to 3 times better compared to a traditional one.

3. WebRTC. Using VoIP technology now allows for instant communications, which is proving to be exceptionally useful in today’s fast paced business world. Now any company owner can get access to the technologies that allow for real time communication – aka WebRTC. WebRTC stands for Web Real Time Communication, which allows a company to partake in instant communication tools, like video conferencing sessions and live chat.

White Label Communications

Unfortunately, not every business owner has made the leap from landline to VoIP. This means that there’re missing out on a LOT of new and improved communication options that are now available to them when accessing VoIP technology. If you’re someone who’s interested in helping these landline using companies learn more about how a VoIP based communication platform can help their business succeed, contact us now for more information.

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