Outages and Downtime? Not at White Label Communications!


Technology is fallible so at some point, technology fails.  Your private label UCaaS provider should have the proper redundancies and processes in place to ensure that the inevitable technology failure does not impact your end user customers.  White Label’s Partners sleep soundly knowing our UCaaS infrastructure will keep their customers’ service available, regardless of the nature of a technology failure.  Case in point – White Label Communications boasted 100% uptime in 2023 even though individual technology elements experienced failures, none of which impacted our Partners or their end user customers!

Here are a couple of examples illustrating why White Label’s partners have complete confidence in our platform and our ability to ensure their end user customers do not experience a loss of service:

  • The Service Interruption That Never Occurred – White Label’s Las Vegas datacenter experienced an unexpected shutdown. An event of this magnitude always poses the possibility of major service disruptions; however White Label partners and their customers never experienced any service disruptions.
  • Outage? Active, Active, Active – Illustrates how resilient our infrastructure is even when White Label’s Grand Rapids datacenter completely lost power!  Thanks to White Label’s active-active-active and geo-redundant infrastructure, not a single partner or end-user experienced down time as a result.

We understand that when evaluating and ultimately choosing a UCaaS provider, infrastructure reliability is a huge determining factor.  White Label prides ourselves on our track record of maintaining a minimum of 99.999% uptime year after year. We value our Partners and their customers and are determined to continue providing the quality of service they deserve!

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