Provide UCaaS and VoIP Services in Canada!


Reminder to our White Label Communications partners – you can provide services in the United States and Canada!

Whether your business is located in the USA or Canada, you can seamlessly provide your private labeled UCaaS service to your customers in Canada through the White Label Communications platform!

As a USA-based or Canadian-based MSP, White Label Communications makes it very easy to provide Canadian customers UCaaS and VoIP services.  When it comes to billing, DIDs, CNAM, E911, tax integration, reporting, and of course support, White Label has you covered.

As a Canadian-based MSP, you are no longer limited to Canadian specific UCaaS providers and instead can work with one of the fastest growing private label UCaaS providers in North America – White Label Communications!

Our North America-based Support Team is equipped to handle all possible issues that may arise, so Partner support will not be a concern for any MSP selling UCaaS in Canada.

Please consider taking advantage of this opportunity!

If you’re interested in providing services in Canada, please reach out to your Partner Advocate to have a discussion. Not a White Label Communications partner yet? Please schedule a discovery call with us to learn more about providing private label UcaaS services in Canada!

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