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Remember, We Have the Phones with DaaS!

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Please don't forget about our unique Device as a Service (DaaS) program which allows our Partner to rent equipment to their end user customers. DaaS enables our Partners to bundle equipment with their UCaaS services and not have to expend capital to purchase the equipment, thereby allowing for a complete offering. White Label Partners who take advantage of DaaS provide a single solution, on a single invoice and become a one-stop shop provider.

We continue to add equipment/hardware to our DaaS solution, e.g. we recently added additional Grandstream models at the request of Partners. On that note, if you would like to see additional manufacturers, models, etc. added to DaaS please submit a feature request in your White Label Portal.

You can find more information regarding DaaS here:

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How to Build UCaaS Into Your Service Offer

There are multiple models available when offering UCaaS. Each model will require a different level of technical, sales, support, and capital resources. Find out which model can work best for you.

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