Agent to Carrier

Case Study

This interconnect partner focuses on providing dial tone and support to their customers who have or are purchasing premise-based PBX systems. Previous to their White Label partnership, they were providing a SIP solution through a third party and receiving 18% commissions. They would order the service and wait for the partner to provision the service.

Now as a partner of White Label Communications, they have become their own service provider and are providing their own private label dial tone. They own the customer, they provision and manage the service and, most importantly, they now enjoy the upwards to 65% margins that were previously going to a third-party provider who did nothing to win the customer’s trust.

Not only do they no longer introduce their competition (third-party service providers) into accounts, but they also have the added benefit of providing a dial tone solution that is superior to that competition.

Because White Label SIP capability is provided through the full-hosted platform, a whole host of features come with the service that you do not typically see in traditional dial tone: disaster recovery, remote worker support, dynamic bandwidth allocation, conference bridging, etc.

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