Atlas Operating System (OS) Enhancements 

White Label’s proprietary Atlas OS enables private labeling of unified communications and provides our Partners all workflow management tools through a single interface.  White Label Communications continues to enhance our Atlas OS so that Partners can more efficiently provision services and perform moves, adds and changes (MAC) for their end user customers.  

The latest example of this is a recent improvement of adding Search capability to dropdown lists so that Partners can quickly find information, like E911 addresses and DIDs. 

When provisioning UCaaS endpoints, finding the correct E911 location may prove tedious if the list of E911 locations is lengthy. White Label’s new Search feature allows Partners to simply start typing a phone number, street address, or city which reduces the list of E911 locations, allowing a Partner to more quickly identify and select the desired E911 location.

Dynamic E911 Dropdown

Device User Page

Another example of the Search capability is now found on Atlas’ Device User page. When selecting Off-net Caller ID numbers, the list of numbers to choose from may again be daunting if the list is lengthy. Now Partners can simply type a few key numbers, narrow the DID list, and make their selection:


Jim DeBald, Chief Revenue Officer for White Label Communications commented,

“Our Atlas OS portal is an important differentiator because unlike many of our competitors White Label provides our Partners a completely integrated platform and a ‘single pane of glass’ from which to provision services and do moves, adds and changes for their end user customers. Adding a Search capability to Atlas is one in a continual list of improvements resulting from our Partners asking for enhancements to make their jobs easier. If there are other areas in Atlas a Partner would like us to add the Search capability, please let us know!”

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