Benefits of Including Business SMS In Your Communications Services

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Business SMS is one of the more recent communications trends that should not be ignored. Not only are text messages cost-effective, but they are also also an efficient way to communicate. In case you aren’t sure exactly what other major benefits exist by embracing business SMS messaging and offering the feature to your clientele, let us explain.

Communicating with Employees

Easy as Text

On a fully-integrated platform like NimbusPhone, not only will you be able to offer a business number for voice and Find Me Follow Me (FMFM), but you will enable your clients to send and receive text and multimedia messages. With the right platform, there will be unlimited texting capabilities to message colleagues as well as clients. Replies will be received via business SMS on personal mobile devices making the feature extremely user-friendly.

No Specialized Devices

That’s right, texting happens across smart devices like mobile phones using the NimbusPhone app and the Atlas Dashboard. Having the seamless integration means being able to make calls, join conferences, and even visit websites simply by clicking on text message. Business SMS messages are a breeze and are guaranteed to keep everyone connected.

Messaging is Efficient

According to mobileSQUARED, 90% of all incoming SMS messages are read within 3 minutes. People read their text messages so your client will know that their messages will be seen. Additionally, SMS messaging is exact. There isn’t room for fluff in most SMS messages and so information is given in a more succinct manner. There will be peace of mind knowing that all employees or colleagues got that message about the meeting.

Communicating with Consumers

A Business Tool

SMS messaging is a critical tool for businesses because it allows for easy communication with consumers. Texting has become a universal communication medium. Companies use messages to send out ticket confirmations or for authentication. Since people always carry their phones on them, SMS is a great way for businesses to reach consumers with a huge potential for return.

Higher ROI

The read rate is astronomical for SMS messages as Dynmark relays the latest statistic claiming 98% of all messages are read. In fact, Silverstone, a British motor racing circuit, sent out a message that reported a 680% ROI with a single message. If your clients were to leverage business SMS as a way to reach consumers for marketing purposes, they could hit on an untapped resource!

SMS is Popular

Why is SMS so popular even though it was developed decades ago? Simple. It’s because it is short and takes no time to read. Businesses can send easy to read messages with live links for consumers to click on. These links can direct consumers to websites or to set up phone calls for a later time. You clients will be generating leads in no time by jumping on this bandwagon.

Business SMS is an opportunity waiting to happen; if you haven’t been offering it as part of your white label platform, that needs to be considered. SMS guarantees that your internal messages are received by your employees as well as your external messages to your consumers. Don’t miss out – embrace it and your bottom line will thank you.

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