How to Become a VoIP Reseller?

Technology can never be expected to be stagnant no matter how beneficial it may be at the time of its use and communication technology is no different. With the advent of the internet came so many other advancements in the way people communicate to the point where the internet is now used for making voice calls which are also integrated with videos and data. Also termed as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the internet communication mode is already taking over the telephone service industry and it’s only a matter of time before the traditional telephone lines become obsolete. Before embarking on the question of how to become a VoIP reseller it would be important to know who a VoIP reseller is and why it is an advantage to become one.

VoIP ResellerWho is a VoIP reseller and how is it beneficial?

A VoIP reseller is a secondary VoIP service provider who offers clients VoIP services as though they were the primary provider. The primary VoIP service provider with an already established network base and resources offers the VoIP reseller an opportunity to use the resources at a given monthly fee. The VoIP reseller can then brand or rebrand the business as they deem fit as well as get their own clients on a contractual basis. This is obviously beneficial economically because the VoIP reseller sets the costs and gets all the revenue then pays only a small percentage of it to the VoIP service provider and in terms of enterprise worth because the reseller gets their own customer base which they can use as a bargaining chip whenever they are looking to expand.

There are two main programs available for people with prospects of becoming VoIP resellers and these are Hosted PBX systems and SIP Trunk service systems. Additionally one could start from scratch, that is, buy their own telephone equipment then become a Voice over Internet Protocol reseller but this is a long shot due to capital costs so the former two are more worth looking at.

Becoming a VoIP Reseller with PBX Systems

PBX resellers already have an established telephone system which includes multiple lines, computers and operators as a console for the systems. As things are the multiple lines will eventually become useless but as a start there are VoIP service providers that integrate them in their systems so that they can still be used with VoIP while the reseller accrues enough funds to go fully VoIP.

Becoming a VoIP Reseller with SIP Trunk Service Systems 

SIP trunk service enables enterprises to communicate with outside enterprises over the internet and this has been very cost effective especially with the elimination local PSTN gateways and ISDN BRIs. Owners of these systems can benefit even more by becoming VoIP resellers because they get to use their pre-existing equipment to expand their business by taking on reselling.

Choosing the right VoIP service provider

There are several VoIP service providers looking for VoIP resellers to do business with so those who want to take part have a wide range of choices. With this kind of platform one has to know exactly what to look for in order to benefit fully from the new business.

Going to a VoIP service provider who charges minimum amounts in monthly fees as well as installation and maintenance should be a priority because any business has to be accompanied by the maximum amounts in profits accruable.

Selecting a well-established and known VoIP service provider for example White Label Communications is also a good step towards becoming a VoIP reseller and the reason for this is because potential technical or service problems are highly reduced because the VoIP service provider will already have sorted out most if not all of them.

It is also an excellent idea to go for VoIP service provider who is known for good customer relations and customer services. A VoIP service provider who values their resellers and is willing to assist in the initial set up process as well as offer technical support when the need arises will go a long way in helping VoIP resellers realize their goals and enjoy their new business.

Becoming a VoIP reseller

Once a suitable VoIP service provider is identified the next step for people with the prospects is to go to the provider and go over their terms and conditions. Once they are agreed upon the installation process can kick-off and after it’s completed one can then get a customer base or use a pre-existing to do the reselling business.


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