The Leader in Private Label VoIP

For someone trying to break into the private label voip market, the most difficult thing can be finding a suitable wholesale service provider. Tier 1 telecom companies often treat resellers as no more than an extension of their own sales teams, leaving little or no room for those resellers to differentiate themselves or build their own brands and markets.

Secondary wholesale service providers tend to follow a sales based rather than a service based business model, viewing the resellers they work with as one time buyers of bandwidth and equipment as opposed to ongoing clients or even partners. Many secondary service providers are also direct competitors, and sell their services to resellers with one hand and the resellers’ potential customers with the other. How can a voip reseller compete effectively with their own service provider?

Leader in Private Label VoIPThis is where White Label Communications comes in. The White Label team has decades of experience on both sides of the private label VoIP market – as wholesalers as well as resellers. They understand the needs and the challenges that face VoIP resellers in today’s complex market, and are laser focused on providing their reseller partners with everything necessary to be successful out of the gate, with their revolutionary turnkey whole business solution.



One of the most frustrating things for private label VoIP resellers entering the market is the difficulty they face in establishing their own brand identity. It is common knowledge that now, more than ever before, establishing a successful brand image is vital to a new company’s success. How, though, can a VoIP  reseller establish a brand presence when all of the actual service and billing is done under another company’s name and logo? The answer is, they can’t.

With WhiteLabel, though, all customer contact is done under our resellers’ branding. Every customer touch-point and customer contact bears the private label VoIP reseller’s branding – our reseller’s customers never know that we exist. This allows our partners to firmly establish their brand and reputation as the company providing the service to their customers.


Whole Business Solution

Another advantage, in particular for resellers new to the private label voip market, is our “business in a box” model. We strive to provide the best turnkey private label voip business solution on the market. We are committed to providing not only best in class voip service, but also the tools our partners need to deal with all aspects of their business; from sales training and provisioning, all the way through to accounting and management.

As an example, our sales support includes comprehensive training for the entire sales force. We also provide tools and materials such as our brandable Power Point presentations, which will assist your sales team to meet the requirements of even the most demanding sales calls. On the accounting and billing side of the business, our service provides custom billing and reporting functionality that allows your sales team and your accounting department to work together rather than against each other.


Partners, Not Customers

We refer to the private label VoIP resellers we work with as “partners” and we mean that. Part of this mindset is the understanding that our success depends on the success of our partners – the more successful our partners are, the more successful we are. Of course, the best way to ensure our partners are successful is to support them in every aspect of their business. This is why we do everything possible to make sure our partners succeed, whether they are new to the industry or old hands.


Focus On Sales

Maintaining technical infrastructure, determining best billing practices and feeling your way through new accounting procedures can take an awful lot of time. If a private label VoIP reseller is spending a lot of time on those other things, they have less time to spend on the one thing they should be spending time on – sales. White Label Communications takes care of all of that extraneous stuff so our partners can focus on the activity that actually generates revenue – selling private label VoIP services.

You focus on the sales, and we’ll take care of the rest.

It can be difficult to break into the private label VoIP market, and if you are going it alone it’s downright impossible. A smart private label VoIP reseller is one who finds an established partner with years of experience in the industry – a partner who is vested in helping them to succeed, and has all the tools necessary to make sure they do.

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