Break Into the VoIP Reseller Market

The market of telecommunication has undergone many changes since the past few decades. The traditional telephone systems have been replaced by advanced VoIP phone systems. The market for VoIP is in full swing these days and it is an appropriate time for VoIP resellers to tap maximum profits from the market.

White Label Communications or WLC acts as a platform for all those who want to break into the VoIP resellers market. Unlike the other private dial tone providers, WLC does not take away the hard earned revenue of their partners. They provide a direct link between the partner and his customer either with the help of a globally hosted PBX or SIP trunk solution. This means that everything the partner sells using WLC platform has his brand stamped to it.

The increased demand for VoIP technology is the result of the growing multi-national business establishments. As communication through an analog phone system is quite expensive due to the high call charges and large cabling costs, VoIP has aroused as a very cost-effective and efficient communication system as it uses the internet as a communication medium.

What is a White Label Reseller Program?

A company venturing into the VoIP reselling market can choose from the two basic alternatives available. In the first type, VoIP resellers can buy their services directly from the service provider and resell them directly to their customers.  This method does not require a large capital investment as the location of the service provider acts as a base and the clients still recognize the products by the name of the service provider and not by the medium which delivers the services to their place.

In the White Label Communications program whenever an end user deal is sold the end user sees the brand of the reseller and not White Label.  In addition the client recognizes the VoIP service provider as the actual brand and all the services from installation to customer support has the partner’s brand name.

Making a decision

VoIP ResellerStarting a successful innings as a VoIP reseller requires an in-depth thought process. One should analyze the prerequisites, options available and survivability in the market thoroughly. With a wide range of VoIP phones available in the market, the reseller must be aware of the latest technology and its demand in the market in order to endorse the correct product.

The various factors which may affect a person’s decision while he is planning to break into the VoIP reseller market are as follows:

  • Personalised Branding: The reseller should decide first whether he wants to create his own brand name or will be endorsing some already established service provider to increase his clientele. If one decides to trade under one’s personalised brand, he must know how to establish and advertise his brand in the market. He may hire professional help or opt to do it himself.
  • Knowledge of VoIP: There are many types of VoIP phones services with different features available in the market. To select the products from the wide range available in the market, one must have technical as well as structural knowledge about VoIP. Not every VoIP solution supports the same features offered by other VoIP service providers. 
  • Budget: Every business establishment requires some capital investment. The budget includes expenditure on equipment and the cost of the service. It is very important for a VoIP reseller who is just a beginner to take wise decisions and keep the budget under control.
  • Market survey: A VoIP reseller must be clear about his target customers. Many clients may not be willing to invest a large amount of money in buying the handsets and may require only some selected features. A proper market survey is required to know the status of demand and supply.
  • Service provider: In this competitive world, everyone wants to get the best deal. With providers offering exciting packages with added benefits, some skill is needed to negotiate and scoop out the best service provider.

Benefits of White Label Communications

White Label Communications, is designed keeping all the above factors in mind.  They provide every facility from a strong infrastructure to a highly profitable business network to their partners and expose even a VoIP reseller new to the market to great business opportunities. White Label VoIP resellers are not just customers they are considers partners.


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